June 6, 2020

It’s getting a little hot in here….in worship, that is.

Josh said it in his usual blunt manner, but he’s right. I said it months ago in this IM piece on romanticism in worship. S.M. Hutcheons absolutely beats it like a drum in a recent article in Touchstone. Larknews parodied it dead on last year.

What About Christians in the Public Schools?

My friend Steve Mcfarland has written a provocative and impassioned plea from a Christian in the public schools. Steve is asking his fellow Christians to not abandon one part of the culture- the public schools where millions of Christians work, millions of Christian kids attend, and millions of lost, hurting students need our help. A […]

A Rant on The Baptism

A Rant of mine from the BHT. About the Pentecostal/Charismatic view of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. The iMonk rants on the Baptism in/with/of/by the HS. (I was a bit cranky.) The innovation of the Baptism in/with/by/of the HS (BHS from now on) as a separate experience from salvation is one of the great […]

A Small Church Tragedy

A Small Church Tragedy I’m back. I want to talk about a story from back home in my hometown, Owensboro, Kentucky. I wish I could link the newspaper account of this story, but it’s under a registration page, so you will just have to trust me on this one. The church is Wing Avenue Baptist […]