January 16, 2021

The God at work behind closed doors

• My Internet Monk career began with an interview about something that Michael Spencer was struggling with — how Christians deal with death and dying. I wrote the following as an introduction when I edited and re-posted the original article in 2011. On November 17, 2009, I wrote my first post for Internet Monk. Actually, […]

two patients, one day

two patients, one day one day, two visits two patients near the end of life… new georgia, augusta, st. george… he could name them all the islands he’d hopped with the merchant marines in world war II refueling ships, on the lookout for jap subs never once felt afraid he said now 95, he said […]

Not Logic but Love

Two hours into the conversation, the real question emerged: “but what about the suffering of the innocent children”? My friend and I were basking in the sunlight streaming into our favorite coffee shop, and he had been relating his recent spiritual journey. The atheism he had embraced some 8 years earlier was wearing thin. He […]

Interpreting Reality

I had lunch with my friend Thor this week. On Thursday, appropriately enough. Of course Thor is not his real name, just the nickname I call him; I like it when my phone tells me I have a text from Thor. Thor relayed an interesting story. His friend had called him recently to say that […]

Mystic Sweet Communion

Songs, a litany, and prayers for All Saints…

The Daughters and Dad

The Daughters and Dad I participated in services this weekend for a family that I have known almost ten years now. Our relationship began when I served as hospice chaplain for a woman who lived at home with her second husband. For some reason, we made a strong connection, and I visited often. I recall […]

Days of Planting

Some of what I’ve encountered in recent days, personally, and as a hospice chaplain… I found out that two friends, husband and wife, the man a former pastor with whom I shared a ministry, were diagnosed with Covid-19. At last report, they are not doing well, and may soon be admitted to the ER. They […]

“How can I know the presence of God in my final season of life?” (or at any time?)

“How can I know the presence of God in my final season of life?” (or at any time?) An excerpt from Walking Home Together: Spiritual Guidance and Practical Advice For The End Of Life When people ask about knowing the presence of God in the midst of their terminal illness or death, I sometimes think […]

Being Merciful to Yourself (especially for caregivers)

Being Merciful to Yourself An excerpt from Guide Them Safely Home, Lord: A Caregiver’s Companion Mercy triumphs over judgment. – James 2:13 * * * I recently read an article by Marian Friedrichs in which she shared the following experience: One Saturday, when I confessed yet again to judging other people harshly, the priest told […]

Who Inspires You?

Recently on Facebook quite a few friends have been posting a series of musical Albums that have either influenced their taste in music or have been significant to them. I declined to participate, although someday I may post a listing of my favourite ten Bruce Cockburn albums. There are after all 36 to chose from! […]