January 28, 2021

iMonk 101: The Magnificent Young Men and Their Pastoring Machines (Revisited)

Our wayback machine today takes us to the first year of Internet Monk.com, where you’ll find a lengthy essay called “Those Magnificent Young Men and Their Pastoring Machines.” (Excuse the spelling errors. No proofreading in the old days.) It’s my original rant about what was happening to the practice of the pastorate at the time. […]

Lamentation, Nostalgia and Walking Into The Future: Thoughts on Denominational Decline

I’m doing an interview in a few days and will be asked some questions about how I view the past and future of my own denomination. Some of these thoughts came to mind as I prepared. Psalm 77 I cry aloud to God,     aloud to God, that he may hear me. 2 In the day of […]

Responding to D.A. Carson’s “Five Trends In The Church”

In his talk before the Desiring God conference, Dr. D. A. Carson mentioned Five Trends In The Church Today. Read the summary before reading my response. I don’t know if the talk itself is out there, but from the summary posted at Acts 29, I found a lot to agree with. (Which I usually do […]

Rebaptism: Where to from here?

Rebaptism: How Did We Get here? and Rebaptism: What is it? This last post in the Rebaptism series deals with what can be done in the present situation. Once again, I want to address these issues related to rebaptism with my own Southern Baptist context primarily in mind. I realize the issue changes a bit […]

Rebaptism: What Is It?

Since I have some break time ahead of me, I’m going to do several (3?) posts on Rebaptism. I know there are several angles to this subject, varying according to your own denominational preference. I am going to be writing from my position as an evangelical, a Southern Baptist and a lifelong minister to youth. […]

The Church Membership Question: Interview with Dr. Nathan Finn

It’s a genuine honor to have Dr. Nathan Finn, Assistant Professor of Church History at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, as my guest today at InternetMonk.com. Dr. Finn is one of the new academic voices in SBC life speaking strongly for a renewal of serious church membership among Southern Baptists. Dr. Finn has an A.A. from […]

The Church Membership Question: What I Believe

There’s one more interview out there in this series, but I don’t know when it’s going to arrive, so this will be the “closer” for now. Thanks to everyone for reading, linking and commenting. Here is the original goal of this series of posts: I wanted to examine the question, “Is the concept of local […]

The Church Membership Question: Interview with Pastor Kevin Hash

UPDATE: Read Kevin in the comments. He is talking about what the SBC needs to hear. Time for our second interview on “The Church Membership Question.” Our focus today is on the practical side. How are these issues worked out in a real congregation. I’ve got just the person. You will love this interview. Kevin […]

The Church Membership Question: Open Thread on Frank Viola’s “Why I Left The Institutional Church.”

Perhaps the most talked about recent challenge to the traditional, institutional church comes from “organic” church advocate Frank Viola. In a recent article at The Ooze, Frank chronicled his reasons for leaving the institutional church. Think what you want, and criticize as you wish, Viola states his case Biblically and eloquently. And millions of people […]