January 25, 2021

Five Thoughts from “Church Music Month”

As a way of concluding our “Church Music Month,” I offer the following five simple statements. I will not take time to develop these today — I have had occasion to discuss most of them during the month. I draw these conclusions from what we have heard and thought about and talked about together. I […]

Interview: More from Miguel

Read Part One of our interview with Miguel Ruiz. In this second part, Miguel shares some insightful words about his own understanding of worship, and how he tries to meet the challenge of both drawing on tradition and ministering to younger generations. * * * You have been involved with both the contemporary evangelical church […]

Meet My Choir Director

Note from CM: When Gail and I started attending Risen Lord Lutheran Church, we were blessed and encouraged by the music. The liturgy was simple and beautiful, and the quality of musicianship high. We were impressed with the choir and soon joined. This was a personal joy for us, for Gail and I met while […]

Denise Spencer: Leading Music in a Small Catholic Parish

NOTE from CM: One thing I wanted to accomplish during Church Music Month was to let us hear from people who are working week-in and week-out to serve local congregations in music ministry. It’s all well and good to talk about our “theology of worship” or to discuss such matters theoretically. But when it comes […]

Interview: Miguel Ruiz (part one)

Note from CM: Miguel Ruiz is one of our most thoughtful commenters here on IM. When Miguel and his wife were on their way east to take a position in a church on Long Island, he stopped here in Indianapolis and we spent some time talking face to face, something I wish I had a […]

Singing in Community

One of the earliest forms of American folk music speaks to the power of people singing together in community. As Steven Sabol says in his article, “Sacred Harp Singing: History & Tradition”  — “At Sacred Harp singings and conventions, participants sing the powerful and harmonious American music from The Sacred Harp, the most enduring of the shape-note […]

Review: Hymns for the Christian Life

Hymns for the Christian Life by Keith and Kristyn Getty * * * Respected modern singer/songwriters and hymn composers Keith and Kristyn Getty have released another fine album of serious contemporary music in their characteristic Celtic style (along with some bluegrass tunes) for the church. It’s called “Hymns for the Christian Life,” and it deals […]

iMonk Classic: How “Traditional” is the Traditional Service?

Classic iMonk Post by Michael Spencer from July, 2007 Note from CM: This piece from Michael Spencer is five years old. During that time, I have been worshiping mostly in a Lutheran church where these observations don’t apply. I’ve been a bit out of the loop on what has been happening on Sunday mornings in […]

Guest Post: WTH on “There Is neither Art nor Pop, neither Indie or Mainstream…”

Note from CM: Long-time friend of IM and fellow at Michael’s Boar’s Head Tavern, Wenatchee the Hatchet is a classical guitarist and composer who blogs HERE. He is always thoughtful and thorough in what he writes, so I am delighted that he could contribute a post to our “Church Music Month.” * * * There […]

Musical Stories

I became a Christian in 1973 in Centerville, Ohio. In case history is not your strong suit, this was the height of the Jesus People movement. And it was also one of the most tumultuous times our nation has ever experienced. Some wondered if we would make it another three years to our bicentennial. The […]