November 29, 2020

Antidepressant Medication: A Christian Psychologist’s View by Mike Benoit

For one last post on the issue of Christians and Antidepressants, I’ve asked former BHT fellow Mike Benoit to share his perspective from within the discipline of psychology. Mike Benoit is finishing a Ph.D. dissertation in Counseling Psychology and looking for an academic position somewhere. His new venture is a podcast called Giving Psychology Away […]

Thoughts on Spiritual Experience

I’ve been involved in some good discussions recently on the role of subjective, personal spiritual experiences. How should we deal with personal experiences of God “speaking” or otherwise relating to Christians on the subjective levels of feeling and sensing? Because there is such abuse and misuse in this area, it’s very easy to create a […]

Christ: The Meeting Place

He became the reconciling place where opposites met. He was the meeting place of God and man. Man the aspiring and God the inspiring meet in Him. Heaven and earth came together and are forever reconciled. The material and the spiritual after their long divorce have in Him found their reconciliation. The natural and the […]

The Red Wheelbarrow Debate Continues

UPDATE: Here’s an excellent essay from Lawrence Perrine on the nature of “proof” in poetry. You should read it if you are interested in literary interpretation. I’m sure some of you want me to blog on nothing but TRs, post-evangelicalism and the latest attempt to say that Mark Driscoll is Sam Kinison (I’m not making […]

A Prayer For the Amish

I don’t know what to feel as I read the story of the execution style shootings/murders of Amish girls in Pennsylvania. As part of a Christian school in a county where guns are everywhere, I’m frightened and I want to protect my students. As a Christian, I’m outraged that such things happen, and I’m concerned […]

The Virtues of Education

Sometimes when I am interacting with other Christians, I’m overwhelmed with the feeling that I’m exchanging ideas with someone very, very different from myself in significant ways. I don’t insist that people be like me, and I don’t want to hold myself hostage for being different from other people. There is one difference, however, that’s […]

Reduced to Jesus

I get called a lot of names around the blogosphere. Everything from “pomo devil” to “respected blogger.” (Now there’s an oxymoron.) When you’re a “cage phase” blogger (there goes another one) you write long posts defending yourself and being outraged about this. For instance, my use of the name “truly reformed” used to bring about […]

The Trouble With Too Many Compliments

Turning point. Here’s what I recall. I was a relatively new Christian, already getting my feet wet sharing my faith, leading Bible studies and so forth. I was in that phase of nearly insatiable curiosity about the Bible. In my church, that meant total dependence on what you might learn from your pastor and any […]

Postcards To A Young Theologian 4

Postcard 1 Postcard 2 Postcard 3 4. Determine to be part of a community where the concept of leadership is fully New Testament in its understanding of the relation of clergy and laity, and is free from the exaggerated and harmful adoration/veneration of personalities so common in unhealthy groups. How do you know that a […]

Postcards To A Young Theologian 3

Postcard 1 Postcard 2 3. Be honest: Does the logic of a group eventually conclude that other Christians are, in fact, not true believers at all? The Arminian God is not “worshipable.” If you believe the doctrines of Arminius, you are idolater who hates God. If you give up your idolatry and embrace the God […]