January 21, 2021

Another Look: Take Me Out

Note from CM: When Michael Spencer discovered he had cancer, I made a deal with him. We set a goal — to try and go to a Cincinnati Reds baseball game in the spring. Sadly, the weekend I had set aside to go ended up being the weekend of his funeral. Michael died on April […]

A Few Baseball Laughs

Since baseball has come up in our conversations the past couple of days, I thought maybe we could lighten things up a little this afternoon with a few of my favorite baseball anecdotes and quotes. I’ll start with a personal favorite. When I was a young adult living in New England, Jon Miller became the […]

I Believe in the Death Penalty (in Baseball)

Warning: this post is devoid of grace. If I were Major League Baseball’s commissioner, anyone caught using performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) would be banned from the game for life. Period. Last week, Melky Cabrera, the San Francisco Giants’ left fielder (the position formerly played by Barry Bonds, king of the Steroids Era), was given a fifty […]

Farewell to a Childhood Hero

By Chaplain Mike Ronald Edward Santo (1940-2010) One of the greatest Chicago Cubs of all time. The following is the theatrical trailer for the film, This Old Cub, a tribute to Santo written by his son Jeff, celebrating his determined and optimistic approach to life despite terrific obstacles.

A World Series Of Biblical Proportions

And then there were two. The 2010 baseball season has come down to two remaining teams. Don’t be surprised when you read headlines about this being a David (Murphy) vs. the Giant(s) series. The Giants are a team with biblical implications. They have been called a group of misfits and outcasts, bringing to mind those […]

Ballyard Religion

By Chaplain Mike I had a vision of the evangelical church today. While coaching at my grandson’s Little League game (6-8 year olds), the heavens opened and a lot of things became clear to me, especially: Why it’s so hard to be a Jesus-shaped follower of Christ in America today. Why the evangelical church is […]

First Place? You Bet…

Update: I just found out that I will have advance copies of Michael Spencer’s Mere Churchianity to give to each one who attends this fun event. You will get a free book two days before its official release date. How cool is that? Be sure to email me by June 1 if you are planning […]

Sure…Bring Your Glove!

Update: I can now mention one of the surprises I allude to below. Our very own First Lady, Denise Spencer, will be joining us, along with her daughter and son-in-law, Noel and Ryan Cordle. Worship, baseball, great food and a chance to visit with the IM’s First Lady. Don’t miss it! There is still time […]

Saturday Ramblings 5.8.10

Greetings from the iMonastery where things have really gone to the dogs. So it is time to grab a plastic bag and proceed to clean up the yard. Yes, it’s Saturday Ramblings, the pooper-scooper of the Internet Monk community. A 1,000 year flood (the kind of flood that only comes along once a millennia) hit […]

A Day At The Ol’ Ballyard

Update: Several people have let me know, through the comments and in emails directly to me (jeff@emoonpublishing.com) that they want to come, but the cost is a bit too high. I have found a way to get the cost down to $99. The seats will not be quite as good, but they are not in […]