December 5, 2020

The Baptist Way: Confessional Resources for Renewing the Lord’s Supper (2)

My first post on the Baptist View of the Lord’s Supper is here. Last week, I apparently shook up the world of people whose stereotype of me precluded any agreement with my Baptist tradition. In a post surveying some immediate resources for a Baptist view of the Lord’s Supper, I raised the ire of all […]

The Baptist Way: A Hopeful Look Forward to Reformation/Renewal in the Southern Baptist Convention

SBC Outpost has long been the leader of SBC blogs. I read with sadness today that SBC Outpost is leaving the blogosphere. This post is in honor of Marty and what he modeled and accomplished with that blog. God bless him and his family, and God speed a reformation and true renewal in the Southern […]

The Baptist Way/iMonk 101: Walls That Won’t Fall: Basics for the Local Church

In January of 2006, I wrote an essay covering what I believe about the local church: “Walls That Won’t Fall: Basics for the Local Church.” I’m very happy with this piece, because it covers a lot of things that I believe the Bible plainly teaches and that work for the health of Christians and their […]

The Baptist Way: The Dire Situation of the Southern Baptist Convention as I See It

One of the reasons I am doing this series of posts on “The Baptist Way” is to face what is going on in Baptist life today: We’re losing our soul and our identity. We’re becoming the very definition of generic evangelicalism. We need to face what’s happening to us and we need to stop it. […]

The Baptist Way: Interview with Dr. Wyman Richardson on Baptists, The Lord’s Supper, Church Discipline and Tradition

Wyman Richardson has served as the pastor of First Baptist Church in Dawson, Georgia, since 2002. He previously pastored churches in Woodstock, GA, and Burneyville, OK. He is the author of Walking Together: A Congregational Reflection on Biblical Church Discipline, which was published in book, Leader’s Guide, and Student Workbook formats by Wipf and Stock […]

The Baptist Way: The Lord’s Supper (1)

UPDATE: A related issue to the meaning of the Lord’s Supper is the methodology for receiving it. Alastair takes on the wine in communion issue, along with a number of other questions. UPDATE II: In this BHT post, I demonstrate the the language of Baptist confessions avoided the word “symbol” until the BFM. Note the […]