December 5, 2020

Reposted: David Chanski on the Baptist View of the Lord’s Supper (With My Thoughts)

Good, solid, simple, basic Baptist teaching on the Lord’s Supper is remarkably hard to come by. David Chanski from Trinity Baptist in Montvale, N.J. takes care of business in less than 40 minutes. It’s Sermonaudio and requires a two line registration, but if you don’t know the Baptist view, have never heard it presented intelligently […]

Danny Akin’s Comments on Mark Driscoll

Southeastern Theological Seminary President Danny Akin on Mark Driscoll: I appreciate Mark Driscoll and Acts 29. Southeastern has no formal relationship with either, but I am thankful for many aspects of both ministries. I think there is much that our students can learn from them. Mark and I have become good friends, but I do […]

The Driscoll Debate: iMonk vs Turk, Part 2

UPDATE: Justin D. Barnard at Mere Comments has a much more useful and on point critique of Driscoll here. First of all, let me thank Frank for the opportunity to have a good discussion about the issue of pastoral accountability in the internet age (a very important topic) and for having such a constructive and […]

A List of Factors Affecting Current Events in the SBC

Last night I had the opportunity to talk to a group of about 20 longtime SBCers on recent events in the SBC. These are folks who work with me at a ministry that is partially (6%) funded by Cooperative Program funds, so there is some interest. Many, not all, are older and had a lot […]

A Special Challenge To Southern Baptists: Let’s Lead The Way In A Gospel Centered Direction.

A special message from Michael to all Southern Baptists in the IM audience: Let’s send an offering to our mission boards and lead the way in showing what Gospel centered sacrifice looks like. SBC International Mission Board Give now to the Lottie Moon Offering. SBC North American Mission Board. Give to the Annie Armstrong Offering.

My Thoughts on Today’s Southern Baptist Convention Meeting 6:23:09

1. Those of you who have various versions of autocratic church governments that never give the ordinary hoi polloi the microphone may look down your noses at allowing people to make motions to ban books, adopt flags and boycott Pepsi, but our circus has a lot to commend it over your imitation of the Vatican. […]

Riffs:03:05:09: Baptists- The New Methodists? (According to Dr. Chuck Kelley)

Dr. Chuck Kelley at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary spoke this week on the problems with Southern Baptist Evangelism and our churches in general. It’s a heartfelt, quite moving and well-thought out talk; a mixture of our revivalistic side and the scholarly, historical side. You can and should listen here. The message starts after the […]

Riffs: 01:18:09: Are Southern Baptists Getting It? Maybe.

An IM reader sent along this piece from the Nashville Tennessean newspaper on the current decline of the Southern Baptist Convention. There’s some rare honesty in this piece, and I hope SBC leaders are listening. For example, Bill Leonard, one of my favorite professors from seminary days, talks about the SBC’s changing demographics. This really […]

Rebaptism: Where to from here?

Rebaptism: How Did We Get here? and Rebaptism: What is it? This last post in the Rebaptism series deals with what can be done in the present situation. Once again, I want to address these issues related to rebaptism with my own Southern Baptist context primarily in mind. I realize the issue changes a bit […]

Rebaptism: How Did We Get Here?

LINK: John H at Confessing Evangelical is one of six Lutherans in the UK. He comments on some of my advocacy of Wright’s “consensus” position on baptism. In my response to him I reference the document “Baptism, Eucharist and Ministry” from the WCC. I know, but it’s really excellent. Just a friendly warning that I […]