December 5, 2020

Album of the Year: Sufjan Stevens’ intimate masterpiece

Illuminating everything on the album even when the light is dim is Stevens’s Christian faith and his unerring musicality, which shines as brightly as it ever has in spite of — or maybe because of — how spare this music is. Mostly, it’s just the sound of a guitar and a beautifully tender voice grieving […]

Looking back at Internet Monk, 2014

It is time for our annual review here at Internet Monk. 2014 was a good year, with lots and lots of good conversations. I hope you enjoyed it as much as our writers and I did. Before I say anything else, therefore, please accept a hearty “thank you” from all of us for your faithful […]

One Last Look Back: What I Enjoyed Learning and Writing in 2013

I learned a lot in 2013. Some I learned in the daily rhythms of work, family, friends, church, and various activities. Life. Some I learned as I studied, met with mentors, and served in churches en route to approval for ordination in the ELCA. Vocation. Some I learned reading, thinking, writing, and conversing in the […]

Some of the “Most Discussed” Posts from 2013

2013 was another banner year for Internet Monk, and thanks belongs to you, our readers and commenters. Readership numbers have never been higher, and though we didn’t have spectacular numbers of comments, we did have consistently strong participation representing a high level of thoughtful and interesting discussion. The following lists represent some of the most […]

2012 Post of the Year

I have no authority to confer awards, but I’d like to give one today. As I look back over 2012 and all that we wrote and received at Internet Monk, one particular post stands out. I, Chaplain Mike, did not write it. Nor did our gifted Abbott, Jeff Dunn. It was not produced by Martha, […]

2012 Most-Discussed Posts

JANUARY 2012 The always controversial Mark Driscoll and the buzz generated by reports of “church discipline” at Mars Hill Church and the release of his book, “Real Marriage,” stirred up conversation at the beginning of 2012. Then, there was an email I received in response to our Driscoll posts. It came from a young man […]

On the Post-Evangelical Path

Out of the wilderness; onto a path — this is a summary of my spiritual/theological experience in 2011. As Antonio Machado wrote, “The way is made by walking,” and I guess I’ve just kept walking through the wilderness long enough that eventually a path appeared. That path remains before me, its direction and character unknown. […]

I Simply Remember My Favorite Things (2011)

Today, we feature another end of the year retrospective. In this one I list some of my favorite posts from 2011, the ones I enjoyed writing and discussing most. In the process, I’m able to touch on other “favorites” during the year — books, movies, etc. Again, much thanks is due you, our iMonk audience, […]

Looking Forward, Looking Back

My, my. Another year come and gone. Who won the World Series? Not my Reds? Then who cares? 2011 was the most trying year of my life. And the most incredible. It’s one thing to say that one knows the Lord is always faithful. It’s another to rediscover it anew every day. And as I […]

The Most Discussed Posts on IM in 2011

I have said it before and will keep on saying it because I’ve learned I can count on our faithful IM community: YOU make Internet Monk the great conversation that it has become. We had 17 posts that generated over 200 comments each this year. Of course, not every post gets that much discussion. Some […]