December 5, 2020

iMonk Classic: Review of “Evangelicals and Tradition”

Classic iMonk Post by Michael Spencer Originally posted June 26, 2007 My list of must-read books for post-evangelicals is short. Newly added at the top of the list: Evangelicals and Tradition: The Formative Influence of the Early Church (Evangelical Ressourcement: Ancient Sources for the Church’s Future) by Baylor University professor of patristics and Baptist minister […]

A Journey . . . to Wonder

By Chaplain Mike I have spent my adult life primarily in Bible-believing, non-denominational church settings. I experienced a conversion during the “Jesus Movement” of the late 60’s and early 70’s. I went forward during an invitation in a Southern Baptist church. Got dunked. Our youth group was serious about Bible study. We attended Bill Gothard, […]

John Armstrong on “Tradition”

By Chaplain Mike Earlier this year, we had a series of posts reviewing John H. Armstrong’s fine book, Your Church Is Too Small: Why Unity in Christ’s Mission Is Vital to the Future of the Church. John writes a heartfelt, winsome appeal for Christian unity, based on Jesus’ prayer in John 17. You can read […]

Father of the Ancient-Future Path

By Chaplain Mike Bob Webber grew up a staunch fundamentalist. His parents were missionaries in Africa who later returned to Pennsylvania to take up ministry in a Baptist church. He attended Bob Jones University. As an adult he became a professor at the more mainstream evangelical Wheaton College. Webber was immersed from birth in the […]

“Things New and Old”–”Fr. Ernesto’s Testimony

Thanks to friend of IM Fr. Ernesto Obregon for this testimony. A word from Chaplain Mike: As we begin our week of emphasis on the Ancient-Future movement, I thought it would good to hear the testimony of someone whose faith journey has taken him through different streams of tradition and ultimately led him to find […]

The Ancient-Future Path

By Chaplain Mike The second week of our conversations about “Three Streams of Post-Evangelicalism” will focus on what has been termed the “Ancient-Future” movement. Please remember that this is a DISCUSSION series… We are doing this precisely because we are NOT experts with regard to these movements. We want to learn more. We want to […]