October 18, 2019

Osteen Redux

As far as this blog goes, Joel Osteen posts have been good business. The largest traffic in the history of IM came from my original posts about “the smiling preacher.” I have it on good authority that, sometime in the near future, my famous Joel Osteen post is going to be getting some large attention. […]

The Tactics of Failure: Why The Culture War Makes Sense To Spiritually Empty Evangelicals

Ann Out Of Place This afternoon I listened to Ann Coulter being interviewed on TBN. Not CNN. TBN. The Paul Crouch/Jan Crouch fashion show and soap opera that you can’t look away from. Yes, that TBN. The one with Creflo, Joel, General Joyce, Kenneth and Gloria, Kim, Matt and hundreds of very, very uncool people […]

American Idolatry: Success

“In the United States culture has transformed Christ, as well as all other religions found within these shores. In every aspect of the religious life, American faith has met American culture” and American culture has triumphed.” -Alan Wolfe (HT to Glenn Lucke)

American Idolatry: “Men”

Read Two Books. Eugene Peterson, Working the Angles: The Shape of Pastoral Integrity, an absolutely wonderful book, and John Piper, Brothers, We Are Not Professionals. The writing of Gordon Macdonald is also good in this area. What I mean are leaders, so excuse the sexist language, but I’m wanting to get at something the Bible […]

American Idolatry: The Good Life

Anyone interested in this series of posts would want to read The Great Giveaway by David Fitch. I want to begin in what will seem an odd direction, but it is important to remember some basic characteristics of the church if we are going to see the effect of idolatry on it. Christianity is a […]

American Idolatry: What’s Entertainment?

In this series, Michael briefly examines the idolatries that have infected evangelicalism, especially the Southern Baptist Convention. Previous Posts: American Idolatry: With God On Our Side A previous IM essay on a similar topic is “Christianity: Silly or Serious?” Entertainment. Entertainment is an idolatry that has become so much a part of evangelicalism that you […]

American Idolatry: With God On Our Side