June 6, 2020

It’s “Holy Week” in America

Today’s guest post is by Chaplain Mike. UPDATE: Scot McKnight is discussing this over at Jesus Creed today as well. I encourage you to check out his perspective and those of his readers. MY SPORTING LIFE I grew up fully immersed in sports. Sports were a part of almost everything I did, every friendship, most […]

Why Electing Palin or Huckabee Makes More Sense To You Than Reforming Your Church

Imagine, for a moment, that I came to your typically conservative evangelical church and asked to visit with your young people, high school through young married couples. I want to ask them some questions. -What do you think of the President? -What is your position on abortion? -What do you believe about the legalization of […]

The Believability Meter?

This is extracted from the famous 60 minutes interview with Joel Osteen, where the reporter asked the questions most evangelicals ignore. Here’s the entire interview, parts 1 and 2.

iMonk 101: The Tactics of Failure: Why the Culture War Makes Sense to Spiritually Empty Evangelicals

From 2006, this is my diagnosis of why evangelicals are increasingly drawn to the culture war. It’s not, contrary to what the rhetoric wants us to believe, because we have a Jesus shaped mission to the world, caring passionately about the issues Jesus cared about. No, it’s a bit less flattering. I’m suggesting that spiritually […]

Bob is Angry on Election Day

UPDATE: How did Jesus Fight The Culture War? UPDATE II: Why angry Bob is angry? Today being election day, and many of my evangelical friends being in somewhat of a foul mood, for reasons that, as of 12:28 p.m., are suspected and not yet clear, I found myself thinking about a fellow I’ll call Bob. […]

Mark Driscoll, Michael Horton Analyze Osteen’s Prosperity Gospel

I Can’t Say What I Want to Say About the 40/40 Prayer Emphasis….but You Can

LINK: Read Matt Davis’s take on the 40/40. Resource: IM lurker Pastor Scott sends along Greg Boyd’s sermon/prayer guide for a current emphasis in his church called “The Great Reversal: The Upside Down Kingdom of God.” Woodland Hills Church media for the series will be here starting Oct. 5. UPDATE: Read IMB Missionary in the […]

Reactions to the “60 Minutes” Joel Osteen Piece

UPDATE: A page of Horton resources related to Osteen. UPDATE II: So many good Osteen pieces on there. Denny Burke zeroes in on Osteen’s glad admission that he does not preach the Bible’s main message. UPDATE III: Slate Magazine on Osteen’s God. The mentality that thinks in terms of marketing Jesus inevitably moves toward progressive […]

Dear CBD: Why the endorsement of Joel Osteen?

UPDATE III: While we wait for CBD to apologize, we can all play Oprah or Osteen. UPDATE II: Can anyone in a Lifeway Store or working for Lifeway confirm that Lifeway is selling this book? Please tell me it isn’t true. If TIME Magazine can tell us this fraud is a prosperity preaching wolf in […]

Recommendations and Reviews: Brand Jesus by Tyler Wigg Stevenson

How do you know I like this book? I spent three hours writing the review, hit publish and WordPress promptly ate it. I’m rewriting it. Tyler Wigg Stevenson is a writer, preacher and political activist with credentials as wide-ranging as a Yale Divinity M.Div., a year as an assistant to John Stott and being part […]