October 18, 2019

Holy Week 2011

By Chaplain Mike Note: certain words have been rendered in Swahili to pass the censors’ muster. Last year, we here in Indianapolis celebrated Holy Week with renewed faith and hope. All week long we prayed and focused our attention on the Great Day to come, when victory would be revealed. Each day, we had fellowship […]

Ranting And Raving

Warning: I am going to rant. I am going to rant and rave and basically have a fit. If you want something more fun and entertaining, I suggest you check out these amusing Nancy and Sluggo covers. Otherwise, proceed at your own risk. Passion for your house has consumed me, and the insults of those […]

Christian Protection Racket

“I heard you had a really big Christmas parade in Tulsa.” I was enjoying a few days this past week with my parents in Ohio when Mom shared this with me. “No, Mom, it really wasn’t that big.” “Well, I heard something about it on the news.” “Ah, well, what you heard was that our […]

The New Battle for the Bible, part 1

By Guest Blogger Daniel Jepsen Coming of age in a fundamentalist church in the 70’s left one feeling a little like a Titanic passenger who’s made it onto the life boat: Yes, it’s kind of cold and cramped in here, and no, we don’t know here we’re going, but at least it’s not down.  Not […]

Sunday’s Gospel: Don’t Be a Fool, Be a Follower

By Chaplain Mike Tenth Sunday after Pentecost Lectionary Readings • Hosea 11:1-11 • Psalm 107:1-9, 43 • Colossians 3:1-11 • Luke 12:13-21 Today’s Gospel Here’s a little secret: God is not against money. Nor is he against people having lots of money. God is not against possessions. Nor is he against people having nice possessions. […]

American Patriotic Christianity: A Canadian Perspective

By Michael Bell This past month we celebrated both Canada Day on July 1st, and Independence Day on July 4th. This inspired some thoughts about getting some Canadian perspectives on “American Patriotic Christianity”. As I am the lone Canadian writer at Internet Monk, I gathered up seven of my Canadian, primarily “unchurched” friends, to get […]

Stanley and Screwtape

By Guest Blogger, Andy Zehner Andy is Damaris Zehner’s (very talented) husband. The notion that Socialism is the greatest threat facing Christianity was rightly shouted down on iMonk.(1) But why was that particular claim put forward in the first place? Why are Charles Stanley and the people who follow him especially concerned about a policy […]

Jesus And Kids

I was already feeling rather sick to my stomach. Maybe it was the fact that Ohio heat and humidity run hand-in-hand, and this day both were running in the mid-90s. Maybe it was the fact that I had only gotten three hours of sleep the night before—to go along with the three the night before […]

And the Great Danger to the Faith Is…Huh?

By Chaplain Mike Over at ever-reliable culture-war news source, Christian Post, is a report on Charles Stanley’s “sobering 4th of July message about a dangerous spiritual tide that is engulfing the country.” According to Pastor Stanley, the tide that is sweeping in is socialism. “It is a tide that is bringing with it ideas and […]

Big Butter Jesus, Part Two

Editor’s note: Many were offended earlier this week when Chaplain Mike wrote about the statue outside of Solid Rock Church in Monroe, Ohio burning down. Chaplain Mike referred back to a quote from John Piper, and some were upset that we would dare to touch the “third rail” by being even slightly critical of Piper. […]