January 16, 2021

Adam Palmer: How Liturgy Saved My Faith

How Liturgy Saved My Faith by Adam Palmer Here’s what you need to know about me: I was raised by Charismatic parents in a Charismatic church. The first Bible I ever bought for myself was the Spirit-Filled Life Bible, one that had an emphasis on all the scriptures that had to do with the gifts […]

iMonk Authors Week: Adam Palmer

iMonk Authors Week We have been taking a break from some of our usual posts to highlight authors who contribute here at Internet Monk. I am blessed to partner with many fine, gifted, and faithful writers, who have written books that I’d love for you to know about. For those of you still getting familiar with […]

The Pressure to Produce Results

Note from CM: Today’s post is from our friend Adam Palmer, who has written a new book with Craig Gross coming out in August, called Go Small: Because God Doesn’t Care About Your Status, Size, or Success. This book is an encouragement to ditch the evangelical church world’s “success” mentality and simply do the thing […]

Saturday Ramblings – February 22, 2014

Note from CM: Pastor Dan is enjoying the weather in Arizona and driving me crazy by being right in the neighborhood where the Cubs have started spring training. Meanwhile here I sit in the Midwest. Oh well. As Dan rambles ’round the desert, I asked our friend Adam Palmer to pinch-hit for Dan today. Thanks, […]

Review: Does Jesus Really Love Me?

Editor’s note: I am always after Adam Palmer to write for us, as he has insights I seldom hear from any other. Unfortunately, AP is a freelance writer who is in great demand, so I don’t often get him to write for free for us. A few days ago he approached me to ask if […]

Saturday Ramblings (5/5/12)

Greetings, all. Adam Palmer here, filling in for our illustrious Jeff Dunn as he sojourns on an enigmatic quest through the exotic and mysterious land known only as “Dayton, Ohio.” Hopefully he’ll file some reports from high atop some ancient ruin–if he can hack his way through all the jungle vines and make the ascent […]

Saturday Ramblings 10.29.11

  So, Game 6 of this year’s World Series. What a game! Can you believe it? It was such a tense nail-biter that it actually gave our regular rambler Jeff Dunn a bit of a heart condition, so he had to galumph over to the local hospital for observation. Currently his ticker is lub-lubbing along […]

Saturday Ramblings 6.4.11

Our rambler-in-chief is visiting his family in Ohio this week, so Saturday Ramblings duties have fallen to me, Adam Palmer. Four months ago I was curled up by the fire while two feet of snow fell outside. Today I am curling up from the fiery heat while, uh… putting my two feet into snow… cones? […]

iMonk Review Of Love Wins

It is a popular pastime in our society to deride the entertainment industry for its barrel-scraping lack of original ideas, but sometimes stereotypes exist because they’re true. Plus, barnside targets make for easy scores. Take, for example, the time-honored story of a man and a woman who can’t seem to get along, but, for some […]

IM Book Review: The Language Of Science And Faith

Oh, boy. Here we go again, wading into the murky waters of how-we-all-got-here. Strap on your galoshes and let’s hope we don’t get too messy. Frequenters of Internet Monk will already be fluent in the language of the conversation. For the newly initiated: on one side, at its most extreme, we have those who say […]