January 19, 2021

Adam McHugh: A resolution to listen to the seasons

A resolution to listen to the seasons Adapted from The Listening Life: Embracing Attentiveness in a World of Distraction, by Adam McHugh • • • In Southern California seasons are largely a state of mind. Annual weather patterns here follow the retail calendar: we have summer, and we have Christmas. If you close your eyes […]

IM Book Review: The Listening Life

The Listening Life: Embracing Attentiveness in a World of Distraction By Adam S. McHugh IVP Books (2015) • • • Listen carefully, my child…and incline the ear of your heart. • Opening words of the Rule of Benedict The question that drives this book is, how would our relationships change, and how would we change, if […]

Adam McHugh: When Someone is in a Storm

Nothing shuts down a person in pain like quoting the Bible at them. As I write that, I can hear the sirens of the Heresy Police surrounding my building. Yes, the Bible contains the words of life, the promises of God-with-us that have comforted saints and resurrected sinners. But the Bible can also be the […]

Adam McHugh, Official IM Wine Theologian: Blood from a Stone

Note from CM: Internet Monk now has something no other blog has, to my knowledge: our own official Wine Theologian. That’s right, we have given this title to our friend Adam McHugh, who will write regularly on the subject for us (word has it he may branch out to cover beer for us as well, […]

Adam McHugh: And God Gave Wine

The Psalms tell us that the Lord gives wine to gladden the human heart. That is one scripture I have absolutely no problem obeying. All kinds of gladdening happen every time I open a bottle of wine. The image of clusters of ripe grapes that will be crushed, fermented, bottled, and poured into glasses makes […]

IM Book Thoughts: Jesus Feminist

Dropping the Mic: Reflections on Jesus Feminist by Adam McHugh We are shaped by the voices we choose to listen to. I know that everyone is seeking to “find their voice” these days, that unique contribution and perspective each person brings to the world, but sometimes we neglect the communal aspect of the discovery. We […]

Adam McHugh: Thank You and Goodnight – My Farewell to Hospice

Note from CM: What a privilege to have Adam McHugh writing monthly for us here at IM. When I first read today’s article, I told Adam that I would be filing it away for the day when I too take the step he describes here. I’m not sure anyone could say it any better. * […]

Adam McHugh: A Tale of Two Roads

Note from CM: I am so happy to announce that Adam McHugh will be writing a regular monthly post for us here at Internet Monk. Adam has been published in The Christian Century, The Washington Post, Leadership Journal, RELEVANT Magazine, Psychology Today, and Conversations Journal, as well as in other publications and websites. He is obviously […]