May 31, 2020

A Hymn for Ordinary Time (10): A Great (the Greatest?) Gospel Hymn

By Chaplain Mike From The Center for Church Music, here is the story of today’s hymn, perhaps the greatest hymn about the evangelical conversion experience ever written: Charles Wesley, founder of the movement known as Methodism with his brother, John, was ordained as a priest in the Church of England in 1735. However, three years […]

A Hymn for Ordinary Time (9): For the Beauty of the Earth

By Chaplain Mike On this Lord’s Day, we present a familiar hymn of praise by which we thank God for his common grace and the gifts of beauty and love that flow from it. For the Beauty of the Earth For the beauty of the earth For the glory of the skies, For the love […]

Come, People of the Risen King

By Chaplain Mike A song calling the church to come as one to praise Christ, by one of our best contemporary hymn-writers, Stuart Townend, and performed in concert by Keith and Kristyn Getty.

A Hymn for Ordinary Time (8): A Prayer for the Church

By Chaplain Mike Timothy Dudley-Smith, whose biography of the late John Stott will most certainly be read by many this year in the light of Stott’s passing, is one of the truly fine British hymn writers of the past century. He has penned over 300 texts, and his hymns have been published in over 250 […]

A Hymn for Ordinary Time (7): For Ecclesia Week

By Chaplain Mike The following words are from the Preface to Lyra Fidelium: Twelve Hymns on the Twelve Articles of the Apostles Creed, by S.J. Stone (1866) Most clergymen are aware how many of their parishioners, among the poor especially, say the Creed in their private prayers. And they cannot but feel how this excellent […]

A Hymn for Ordinary Time (6): Another for Bible Week

By Chaplain Mike As I’ve thought about hymns to go with our Bible Week emphasis, it strikes me that there are not many songs we sing about the Bible. And that is how it should be. For the point of the Bible is not to point to itself but to the One who revealed his […]

A Hymn for Ordinary Time (5): For Bible Week

By Chaplain Mike A Hymn for “Bible Week” Martin Luther was committed to getting God’s Word, the Bible, into the common language of the German people, and thus into their hands, hearts, and lives. And so he translated the Bible, published his Catechisms, and gave God’s people songs to sing. All these elements come together […]

A Hymn for Ordinary Time (4): A Favorite Spiritual

photo © 2011 Steve Snodgrass | more info (via: Wylio)By Chaplain Mike We have talked a bit about discouragement this week. For some of us, music that points to Jesus and the Gospel can bring us refreshment. Among the great historical examples of this are the spirituals that grew out of the unjust and tragic […]

A Hymn for Ordinary Time (3): Two Hymns of Comfort

By Chaplain Mike We here in the iMonk community have been sharing with each other many words about trials and spiritual disorientation lately. This might be a good time to include some hymns of comfort and encouragement in our weekly “Hymns for Ordinary Time” series. One of the lessons to be learned in Ordinary Time […]

A Hymn for Ordinary Time (2)

photo © 2010 Rachel Kramer | more info (via: Wylio)By Chaplain Mike One of my favorite melodies is the Gaelic tune BUNESSAN, which most people sing as “Morning Has Broken.” Many years ago, we began singing a hymn to this tune in the church where I served as worship leader. It quickly became a favorite. […]