September 30, 2020

Blessed Are the Aging

As a hospice chaplain, I work with a lot of older people. Lord willing, I will one day become “elderly” myself, as will most of us. Growing older, of course, has its own unique challenges, as does every season of life. If we face those challenges with God’s grace, we will be able to see humor in the changes life brings our way.

One wonderful agency that provides caregiving for seniors is called Home Instead. The following video features Mary Maxwell, a friend of the couple that founded Home Instead. Asked to give the opening prayer at the agency’s 2009 convention, she gave an addendum to her prayer that is hilarious and heart-touching.

Note: You can download the poem she reads at the end of her prayer HERE.



  1. brilliant.

  2. Still wish I had kept a journal of my over 25 years of working with seniors – from independent housing to long-term care! This was fun!

  3. Another Mary says


  4. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Too cute!

  5. Home Instead is a great agency. They helped my mom a great deal in the weeks after she broke her hip. It was hard for her to accept help from others than family. The caregivers were so great that it was a seamless transition for her.

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