April 1, 2020

Better Than (____________) Already


  1. I’m really fascinated that some people are applauding and amening.

  2. So young, so angry.

  3. Could be a diaper issue. I know it is with some preachers.

  4. creepy

  5. The Guy from Knoxville says

    Well…. um…. okay…. Can’t come up with words at the moment. Fascinating to say the least, most…. alrighty…. well….

  6. Do they realize the baby is just mimicking what he sees up on the pulpit? It is so obvious based on his behavior, how he will walk away with the smirk on his face and the skip in his step. He is loving the attention. It’s what every baby does. Babies figure out a certain behavior that will evoke the most affirmation and then milks it for all it’s worth.

    Where is the discernment?

    I can not even find humor in this video, it simply breaks my heart.

  7. That video disturbs me on a variety of levels.

  8. There are no words…from me or the toddler

  9. Not sure if this kid has been watching too much preaching… or to much WWF?

  10. Tim Van Haitsma says

    Baby talking in tongues?

  11. David has it exactly right. This child has seen the adults in his life do this from get-go, and is simply mimicking. Unfortunately, the adults who are clapping and amening likely think that the child is delivering a message in tongues. I have to wonder if there was anyone there to give an “interpretation”. There are churches I know of (and used to attend) where such behavior would not be unexpected…

  12. This reminds me of slapping a lot of make-up on a 3-year-old girl and putting her in a “beauty contest”. Something we do for our own warped ego.

    I can’t make heads or tails or it, actually.

  13. Tim and #Debi,

    This could be a Baptist church for all we know, and the kid is imitating a “anointed” Baptist preacher.

    Don’t confuse an 18 month old babbling with speaking in tongues.

    I would like to add that this is why I don’t like preachers who shout and go into histrionics. Give me a preacher who speaks like he is carrying on a conversation any day.

  14. I agree with David. This kid is just doing what he has learned from example. Frankly, this might be the best gospel message they have heard in a long time(that might be a little over the snark line).
    Supposedly, when I was about two, I would stand behind the piano bench at home with a Bible open in front of me and bang my hand down while saying, “de Bible say!” over and over. Maybe they should have put me in the pulpit back then.

  15. I agree – the kid is imitating…

    Though as one who believes in a rather strict (as in narrow) interpretation of the gift of tongues, I did have to wonder whether they thought that the child was – just because to me thats what most pentacostal speaking in tongues seems like to me as one who didn’t grow up in that tradition….

  16. If I can’t say anything non-snarky, I won’t say anything at all … **shudder** …

  17. I can’t say what’s on my mind. Good Christian company would prohibit it. God have mercy on that child.

  18. Freaking bunch of loons!!! I find it repulsive!!!

  19. This baby ‘as got TBN written all over it – $$$$

  20. Kenny Johnson says

    I think you guys are overreacting. As far as I can tell, we don’t know the context of this at all. For all we know, it was all being done in fun — which is actually what I assumed until I read some of the comments here.

    The only thing that disturbs me is that he is likely imitating what he’s seen, and that style of preaching is definitely something that rubs me the wrong way.

  21. Perhaps he is actually speaking in tongues.

  22. I agree with Kenny. Lighten up! At least he’s not trying to imitate the “Renewed Mind” dance.

    It could be worse – my pastor’s baby’s earliest attempts at syllables sounded just like the F-bomb. It was easy for his mouth to form those consonants, so he’d bark it out at random moments… to great, though accidental, effect.

  23. Reminds me of the preacher at the church I used to go to!

  24. Kenny: I tried hard to reserve judgment and think of the context, but as I said, I “grew up” spiritually in the Charismatic realm. There were no giggles of delight in a small child’s antics to be heard–if it was just in fun, the whole congregation was in on making it appear that they thought he was seriously preaching.

    Don’t get me wrong, the Charismatic church did a lot of good for me: it taught me about grace and mercy, among other things, and I’m glad of my time there. All I’m saying is that if I walked into my old church (I’m Anglican now) and saw that scene, it wouldn’t surprise me…

  25. Mich (the other one) says

    “For all we know, it was all being done in fun —”

    That kid looks like he’s been so trained it’s disturbing. If it weren’t for the way he easily hands over the mike after the man tells him something like “just one more…”, you could almost think it was just a spontaneous occurrence. I got my doubts…


  26. I can’t understand what the baby is saying. Can someone tell me? Not that it really matters, I guess.

  27. Land of Middle Girth says

    That about sums up the Prosperity Gospelâ„¢.

  28. j casella says

    wow. scary.

  29. Clay Knick says

    A small version of “Jesus Camp”?

  30. stumbling toward home says


  31. Tim VanHaitsma says

    Reminds me of Marjoe Gortner. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marjoe_Gortner

  32. My first thought was a KKK rally. Then I thought, this is a church probably a pentecostal one at that. What a sad thing to see. Then I wonder why pentecostals lack discernment of spirits and how they tend to look down on those who are a bit more quieter.

    Let me run to a calmer church and get on my Knees and hear from God.

  33. That was pretty funny. The kid sure could handle a microphone.

  34. For those of you that never attended a “cutting edge church” (not my words but theirs) this type of thing is much more common than you’d think. Never saw a kid this young being prompted by a pastor (and if you notice there was some) but I’ve seen many a young teenager having a pastor walking behind him and “helping him move into his gift”. Most of those kids are now very confused and in poor lifestyles.

    The “Amens” in the crowd are serious. They think they are seeing the “power of God” on this kid. And that, sadly, will be the talk of the day instead of anything about Christ’s work for us sinners.

    I half expected to see that it was one of my old “pastors” up there with the kid and was surprised when the camera finally should his face that it wasn’t someone I knew.

  35. aaron arledge says

    I wonder if they have another toddler interpreting for him?

  36. What’s the problem? This is about the same level of preaching that you find at your average evangelical church…

  37. The kid is imitating what he sees week in and week out as babies will — monkey see, monkey do; it’s the adults who need to get over themselves. My son used to drag my potato bin out to the middle of the kitchen floor, lay his toddler Bible or a Noah’s Ark storybook on it, and “preach,” just like he saw our pastor do. And like the adults in the video, our pastor at the time determined that meant my 2-year-old son was going to be his “Timothy” and got quite upset whenever my husband attempted to get our son to sing, or if anyone else suggested he had a talent toward anything other than preaching. Everyone in the above congregation seems to be trying to make something out of nothing. Sounds like a “Seinfeld” episode.

  38. That kind of thing just embarrasses me.

  39. The video grieves me as I see it does most of you. However, there seems to be a lot of judging of the Pentecostal or charismatic people in the comments.

    As someone who believes that I Corinthians 13-14 is for today, I’d like to share with you that there is a great number of Pentecostal and/or Charismatic people who would also be very disturbed at this video.

    It is tremendously sad that there are large groups of people that would interpret this as a sign from God. But please do not assume that includes the majority of those who believe the spiritual gifts are for today and that most Pentecostals or charismatic are not students of the word of God.

  40. Headless Unicorn Guy says

    Remember this video when it surfaced on a blog a year or two ago. Here’s what I remember commenting:

    Kid comes up, rants into the mike obviously was imitating the local preacher which he’d probably just seen/heard. A lot of the applause is probably women squeeing over the “cuteness” of it all.

    Kind of disturbed by the kid’s “preaching style”, loud and intense, reminscent of an Elmer Gantry-style fire & brimstone rant. If that’s the kind of preaching he grows up with, what’s going to happen with him later on?

    The original source of this video was not YouTube, but one of its Christian (TM) knockoffs — GodTube, maybe. The comments there were what was disturbing; about half claimed the kid was Led by The Holy Spirit, some to the point The Holy Spirit was the one REALLY speaking. (How this differed from a Loa of Voudun mounting and riding his “horse” was not addressed.)

    Conclusion: This was a candidate for one of those “America’s Dumbest Home Video” shows, but a lot of people were reading WAY too much into it.

  41. I can’t tell you how this disturbs me. When I was a child, I went to a revival meeting at the Union Gospel Rescue Mission in Charleston West Virginia. (around 1950-51.)They had the largest auditorium in town and all the traveling evangelists would stop there. It was headed up by the wonderful Pat. B. Withrow. You can read about him online. My father worked in the mission thrift store. They also housed an orphanage onsite, so it was big place.
    Anywhoooo…the revival meeting on this occasion was one held by a child evangelist. I’ll never forget the one service I went to. Almost scared the hell out of me…but not quite…
    Right in the middle of this kid’s sermon he came down into the audience. I was in the front row with all the other kids. He came straight for me and shook is scrawny little finger in my face, hair flying, and shouted at the top of his lungs, “You’re going to hell if you don’t accept Jesus right now. You may walk out that door tonight and be hit by a car and go straight to hell if you don’t receive Jesus.”
    I didn’t and I didn’t and I’m not in hell.
    That young man’s name..you’ve heard it before. Marjoe Gortner. Yes..the one of the Marjoe movie fame, Earthquake and infamous exploits. A poor sexually abused and used kid. You can read about it at http://search.live.com/images/results.aspx?q=Marjoe+Gortner&mkt=en-us&FORM=H9RE3#focal=3774f5bf39fd62d09d45b7e1f301121b&furl=http%3a%2f%2fwww.slantmagazine.com%2fimages%2ffilm%2fmarjoe.jpg.
    So yes…this little boy needs rescue. It’s child abuse as far as I’m concerned. Not to speak of exploitation.

  42. Didn’t watch the video. Didn’t have to thanks to the 41 responses. It occurs to me that if children can imitate so well – and this is the result from hanging around “Christians” – then we are “hooped” to a whole breathtakingly new level.

    Please, does somebody have a video of a three-year-old acting like St. Francis?

  43. I thought we were supposed to fill in the blank. I’ll go with Todd Bentley.

  44. Dan Crawford says

    Probably one of the most grotesque and bizarre “Christian” acts I ever hope to see. It is exploitation and child abuse, and gives no glory to God. The parents are guilty of a crime, but I have no doubt the collection coffers were overflowing after the performance.

  45. Oh no, you mean people might actually exploit children in a church setting for entertainment value? Say it ain’t so Michael.

    WE of course like to keep the display of our children within proper boundaries:

    – Such as kindergarteners that don’t understand the concept of salvation singing memorized songs.

    – Or little children dressed up to look like Mary, Joseph, shepherds, angels, and wise men.

    Yep, we like to keep things proper and reverent around here.

    You know, usually an infant is forced to proclaim the message of Barney’s love and Teletubbie joy from the back of the sanctuary while squirming in their mother’s lap. What a refreshing thing to see this one given the floor. Now if I can just translate what he means by “ahm gah, ahm gah”.

  46. Headless Unicorn Guy says

    Probably one of the most grotesque and bizarre “Christian” acts I ever hope to see. It is exploitation and child abuse, and gives no glory to God. — Dan Crawford

    Dan, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet. This should link to a subtitled YouTube video about a Latin American “Child Evangelist” titled “Crazy Preacher Kid”. The subject du jour has been knocked down and dragged out on this blog and the delivery will remind Richard of his experience above.

    What possesses people to DO this to a kid? Like a Christianese version of Jon Benet Ramsey? How messed up will this kid be when he grows up? How much of just being a kid will he have missed?

    Oh, and Richard? Marjoe Gortner (now an actor) admits he was never a Christian at all, he was just putting on the act that was expected of him as an Anointed Child Evangelist. He also says (in some interview, from memory) that this sort of preaching spectacle is the only form of entertainment/performance these types of Christian are allowed to have, so they put all their following into it as the only theater they’ve got. Whether it’s Marjoe (or his Latin American clone) screaming Hellfire-and-Damnation or Benny Hinn “Letting the Bodies Hit the Floor” or Tatted Todd helping the bodies hit the floor with a swift kick to the nuts — “Sheeka-Boom-Bah! BAM!”

  47. Okay, I have no idea what I’m supposed to be watching here.

    To me, this is a toddler doing what I’ve seen loads of toddlers doing; babbling and play-acting and running around the sanctuary.

    I’m guessing by the comments on here that this is meant to be taken as glossolalia?

    To which I go: and you think *we’re* weird, with our apparitions?

  48. At 1:21 does someone say something about an offering?


  49. Finally a fundamentalist preacher I can relate to!

    Now I know — all along it was the words that got in the way.

    Amen, baby brother!! 🙂

  50. Michael,

    Is it just coincidence that the number of dashes in “Better than (____________)Already” perfectly fit the name “Billy Graham”?