January 21, 2021

Better Than (____________) Already


  1. I won’t agree with that assessment, unless I see baby Cliff Barrows and George Beverly Shea 🙂

  2. son of adam says

    “the strollers will wait!”

  3. I honestly can’t tell what the church people are thinking in this situation. I mean, at first it looks like people having a good time admiring how cute the little feller is . . . the same way my nephew (when he was about that age) would impersonate Elvis and we got a kick out of it. But, of curse, he is given so much pulpit time that they must be taking this as a serious act of God. That’s sad. It seems like many of us have lost our way when it comes to discerning what is “of God.”

    I reminds me of about three years ago with we had a guest at our church. He is probably a schizophrenic. During out last hymn, he started pacing in the back and singing louder and louder. Then he walked down the isle screaming (in a very angry voice with clinched fists) Praise GOD-DA! I saw about 1/3 of our church start to clap and cheer as if revival had finally come.

    Then he got to the pulpit and continued to scream Praise GOD-DA!!! The cheers continued. Then, in a seamless way, continued screaming F*** God, you bunch of F***ing bastards!! The transformation on the faces of those cheering was incredible. The man they thought was a prophet . . . they now thought (in the flash of a second) was demon possessed . . . especially when he next slugged the pastor and several of us men had to tackle him.

    But . . . he was mentally sick, which didn’t seem to register in their paradigm of thinking.

  4. Come on people! I love watching my kids mimic me! For the most part I think this is very fun! The way you people are blasting the parents, congregation and pastor is ridiculous. You people can only assume, based on the video, that you know what is happening. You don’t know the hearts of these people, their philosophy of ministry, context that this occurred and you want to burn them at the steak, take the kid away from the parents and declare them to be the worst church in modern history. Even if the preacher does preach like that when did style of preaching become a moral issue? You that would blast these people for being fundamentalist are doing the same thing that you dislike fundamentalist for doing, judging a book by its cover and declaring it sinful b/c you don’t agree with it. At this rate you would have seen a video of Christ pouring some wine at the wedding in Cana, trip over someone’s foot after doing so and call him a stumbling drunk!

  5. scott – yeah but a toddler going all over the place turning all the water into wine would be hysterical 🙂

  6. I would have to agree with Scot. People are reading way to much into this, not knowing the whole context. Personally I thought the baby was adorable.

  7. It is frightening that the motions, enthusiasm, gestures and intonations of a “spirit filled” preacher can be so well mimicked by a toddler. It says a lot about what turns us on in church. A ten minute sermon on the Cross wouldn’t get much play.

  8. Scott, actually, as Headless Unicorn Guy pointed out, its the comment thread on GodTube where this video was originally posted that given this video the context that most of us are horrified about.

  9. Teenage Mutant Ninja Tertullian says

    An Episcopalian kid would have quietly opened the Bible and intoned, “Yea….”

  10. Patrick…we need a link…or there still is NO context. This video is FUNNY.

  11. Joe M — “It is frightening that the motions, enthusiasm, gestures and intonations of a “spirit filled” preacher can be so well mimicked by a toddler.”

    That is the point isn’t it. It’s so easy to mesmerize a bunch of needy Christians — even a baby can do it….

  12. Just plain weird. Maybe at home for a couple laughs, but in the pulpit for applause? Creepy.

  13. Scott,

    I have to agree with you. It is weird. I’m sure it’s not a good thing to encourage. But we know little about this.


  14. ryan'smom says

    that babe is no differnt than my preacher’s son at 2 up at the alter …copying daddy .
    leave him be and may the preacher switch his tune to a God of love instead of a God of hate or that child will grow up hating all things

  15. BartM, you got it.


    Go ALL THE WAY BACK To the 167th page of comments and start counting from there how many people are like “OMG THIS BABY HAS THE SPIRIT OF GOD!”

    The answer may surprise you!


  16. frightening.

  17. Also, for those of you following along at home, Godtube = Tangle nowadays. They’re also a social networking site, too.

  18. Michael, do you have booking information for this kid?

  19. Patrick,

    I went to the link, and was unable to read most of the comments. I think that I stopped on about page 164 (starting at the last page).

    They are scary, partly because the writers are so non-discerning. It’s not what the child is doing. At home or even in the social hall, with a fake microphone, it would be cute. BUT because they think that God is speaking through the baby. (and even putting doubters down.)

  20. This is what happens when your bowl is filled with whirled peas. Too much gas…

  21. Headless Unicorn Guy says

    You know, usually an infant is forced to proclaim the message of Barney’s love and Teletubbie joy from the back of the sanctuary while squirming in their mother’s lap. What a refreshing thing to see this one given the floor. Now if I can just translate what he means by “ahm gah, ahm gah”. — Ed

    You know somebody is going to translate “ahm gah, ahm gah” to fit whatever floats his boat. Including God Saith denunciations of Heretics, Apostates, Doubters, and anything he doesn’t like. That’s the thing about “Interpreting Tongues”; when the crowd is whipped up like this one, it’s easy to fake.

    I went to the link, and was unable to read most of the comments. I think that I stopped on about page 164 (starting at the last page). — Anna A

    I noticed most of the “He’s SO CUTE! SQUEEEE!” comments came from women. And the True Believer comments that “ahm gah, ahm gah” WAS Speaking in Tongues for Praising God and/or some Word of Message directly from God were genuinely scary.

  22. I say, call the child abuse hotline now. Cause – TBN will surely turn this child into a phenom – exploiting and destroying so they can pimp him out on their next telethon. “Child filled with THE SPIRIT” prophesies against Obama!

    If there was ever a need for intervention…

  23. I liked the kid’s “bunny hops” across the stage. It’s actually cute when a two-year-old does it. When a 32-year-old does it however…

    The kid is obviously being coached by the pastor?/dad? Hopefully people there just thought it cute, son imitating poppa, like sons like to do. More importantly, hopefully this kid gets plenty of hugs for doing things other than screaming onstage oncue.

    In the end though, even if it is a close church community, putting the kid onstage, whether for worship or entertainment, is highly inappropriate. Posting it on Godtube/Youtube whatever is even more inappropriate. Sure the kid is cute, but parlor tricks are supposed to stay in the parlor.

  24. Headless Unicorn Guy says

    I say, call the child abuse hotline now. Cause – TBN will surely turn this child into a phenom – exploiting and destroying so they can pimp him out on their next telethon. “Child filled with THE SPIRIT” prophesies against Obama! — P Monk

    No, call Parker & Stone. This sounds like a basis for a South Park episode — maybe they mistake Kenny’s cussing beneath his orange parka for Words of Prophecy and put him on TBN to “Prophesy Against Obama and Blasphemous TV Cartoonists”…

    And when the TBN audience finds out what’s really going on under the parka, Stan gets to say his famous line: “OMG! THEY KILLED KENNY!”

    P.S. As you have probably guessed, I fried my brains on a South Park marathon over the weekend. (Who needs drugs?) One of the recent shows in the marathon might prove of interest to this crowd.

    Titled “Margaritaville”, it retells the Gospel with Kyle (the Jewish kid) in the Christ role, and (despite South Park’s rep) plays it pretty straight. You see, the recession/depression has hit the town hard, and Stan’s father (not Kyle’s Mom, surprisingly) has flipped out and started a cult on how “We hath Offended the Economy, and the Economy is Wrathful”.

    While the townspeople/cultists walk around in bedsheet togas playing Pharisee and showingly abasing themselves (to the point of stoning “blasphemers” who have “made a frivolous purchase”), Kyle (who has somehow acquired a no-limit AMEX card in some sort of promo) tries to talk sense into them — that The Economy isn’t some sort of vengeful god, The Economy is made up of people, and people mess up.

    In re-enactments of “Let him who is without sin/has never made a stupid purchase cast the first stone” and the Sermon on the Mount, Kyle, “this Young Jew”, runs afoul of Stan’s Dad’s cult. Cartman makes a deal with Stan’s Dad to betray him for a copy of the latest Grand Theft Auto — 30 silver dollars on eBay — but Kyle “doesn’t give him the opportunity” by making his move:

    Setting up in the main town square, Kyle pays off everybody’s credit card debt with his unlimited AMEX; all are free to come. Even his parents and the cultists (including Stan’s Dad) come around to “let him take our debts upon himself”. This takes so long Kyle passes out from exhaustion and is carried away to his room (while his mother weeps about how much Kyle has put himself in hock) where he is awakened by the morning light streaming in the window (in a direct swipe from the end of The Passion).

    Twist Epilog: South Park TV news reporter gushing over how the town is recovering, the economy is reviving, people — now free from debt — are working and spending (and getting into debt) again. And “this is all due to the sacrifice and heroism of of one individual! Let us honor him (pause) BARACK OBAMA!” (Cut to photo of Obama making a speech, with halo effect behind head.)

    Cut to Kyle, watching TV from the couch, going “WTF?”

    Closing credits.

    P.P.S. If this doesn’t get IMonk closing the comments…

  25. Jeff King says

    ..and if you play it backwards, the kid is singing “Stairway to Heaven”.

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