July 11, 2020

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The Freedom to Limit Freedom

The Freedom to Limit Freedom by Michael Spencer Readers of this journal are no doubt aware of the editor’s claim to be a moderate libertarian. The encroachment and enlargement of the federal government and judiciary is a frequent subject of sincere warnings from this pen. For that reason, I feel I must make a reasonable […]

Liberty, Liberalism and Law On the Streets of Cincinnati

Liberty, Liberalism and Law On the Streets of Cincinnati by Michael Spencer I don’t want a police state anywhere in America, not even in Cincinnati. Someone might reasonably argue that a community which elected Jerry Springer as mayor needs to be watched closely, but I am not moved by this extreme example. Groups of riot-geared […]

Christ and the Public School

Christ and the Public School Let me get to the point quickly: If Christians left the public school sector – it would fall apart at the seams. Opinion you ask? No! That’s a fact! In my twelve years in an inner city, multi-racial public school I have witnessed personally the desperate need public education has […]

The China syndrome

The China Syndrome by Michael Spencer On my way out of Kentucky Wesleyan College, I took a course in the history of Asia. The capable Dr. Wayne Metz managed to get me through the torture of names I couldn’t pronounce and a formidable level of ignorance to an “A” and, more importantly, some appreciation of […]

Common decency butchered

Common Decency Butchered by Michael Spencer In her withdrawal speech, Chavez surrounded herself with people whom she had helped, allowing each one to put a human face on the Democrat spin. No matter what the Jesse Jacksons of the world may say, Americans will recognize in Chavez the same kind of neighborly compassion that is […]

Mariah in Oz

Mariah in Oz by Michael Spencer Celebrity might arguably be called America’s favorite religion. The amount of energy, money, time and trouble invested in the adoration of celebrities surpasses almost any public display of religion in America. Secularists and humanists may wince at the shenanigans of religious fanatics, but the sort of hoopla that accompanies […]

What I saw at the revolution: trading a heritage of worship music for a lukewarm bowl of CCM

What I Saw at the Revolution Trading a heritage of Worship Music for a lukewarm bowl of CCM by Michael Spencer NOTE: It is now apparent than some people cannot read this article without applying it to their church and getting mad at me. Listen, forget about your church and forget about me and just […]

Choosing the better wounds

Choosing the Better Wounds by Michael Spencer Having been involved in ministry with teenagers for twenty-seven years, I read the recent reports of child sex abuse and a wide-spread cover up by the Roman Catholic hierarchy with more than passing interest. I have always lived with the uncomfortable awareness that even one charge of inappropriate […]

Why Calvin is cool: An infomercial for calvinism

Why Calvin Is Cool An Infomercial for Calvinism by Michael Spencer UPDATE: Even though I am no longer a Calvinist, a lot of this essay is still true. I know that’s Calvin Coolidge, but if I put a picture of John Calvin up there, most people won’t read the column. The hostility towards Calvinism is […]

When I am weak: Why we must embrace our brokenness and never be good Christians

When I am Weak Why we must embrace our brokenness and never be good Christians by Michael Spencer The voice on the other end of the phone told a story that has become so familiar to me, I could have almost finished it from the third sentence. A respected and admired Christian leader, carrying the […]