October 29, 2020

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Announcement: Clark Bunch Is Replaying iMonk Podcasts

Note from CM: Our friend Clark Bunch over at The Master’s Table is doing a series featuring some of the iMonk Radio podcasts Michael Spencer made. I told Clark I would be glad to promote these so that more people can once more hear Michael’s voice and wisdom. Here is Clark’s introduction to the series. […]

Your Neighbourhood Atheist

Your Neighbourhood Atheist By Klasie Kraalogies It appears that a lot of people have no idea what it means to be an atheist. Here is the secret – there is no such thing as a typical atheist. But here are some brief windows into the life, loves, and musings of this atheist. Here I am […]

Klasie Kraalogies: Love and Marriage – was Frank Sinatra wrong after all?

Love and Marriage – was Frank Sinatra wrong after all? By Klasie Kraalogies A little while ago I was asked a question by Mule, in the context of discussing Matthew Paul Turner’s divorce – and let me quote: I am open to correction on this, especially from David and Klasie, but I think that the […]

JMJ: The South Shall (not) Rise Again!

Ramblings: The South Shall (not) Rise Again! By J. Michael Jones Mike writes at his blog J. Michael Jones • I am a product of the south. There are many things that a true southerner should be proud about…our Confederate history, not one of them. The code name that we southerner’s like to use for […]

Klasie Kraalogies: On Racism, Apartheid, and the demons within (Part 2)

On Racism, Apartheid, and the demons within (Part 2) By Klasie Kraalogies We are not born racist. But, as we are molded by family, religion, culture and society, one can almost state that in most cases, racism is absorbed along with our sugary breakfast cereal. In my own case, I was much more exposed to […]

Klasie Kraalogies: On Racism, Apartheid and the Demons Within (Part 1)

On Racism, Apartheid and the Demons Within (Part 1) By Klasie Kraalogies (Before I start, let me state this: I am addressing racism as the issue I, and most people of European origin are familiar with, and rightly accused of. I am not speaking of other racisms. Those certainly exist, and are nefarious, but it […]

Scott Lencke: Lament in Silence

Note from CM: Thanks to Scott for this thoughtful reminder about the importance of lament prayers — an especially relevant topic during Lent. You can read more of Scott’s writing at The Prodigal Thought. • • • Lament in Silence by Scott Lencke The church has entered the season of Lent. This is a focused […]

Randy Thompson: A Reminiscence of Thanksgivings Past

A Reminiscence of Thanksgivings Past by Randy Thompson I think it’s sad that we, as a country, no longer honor the celebration of Thanksgiving as we once did. Now, it is little more than a kick-off for Christmas-related consumerism, with people showing up at Walmart Thanksgiving Day for “door buster” deals, provided they’re not at […]

Randy Thompson: A Late November Meditation on Memory, Gratitude and Joy

A Late November Meditation on Memory, Gratitude and Joy by Randy Thompson Distinctions can be made between joy and happiness, but generally speaking, making the distinction isn’t worth the effort. Let’s say, simply, that happiness tends to be fueled by specific events and circumstances, while joy is a contentment rooted deep in the heart. Like […]

Walking the Labyrinth, part 2, by Randy Thompson

(The first part was posted Tuesday) Walking a labyrinth is a microcosm of life lived as a disciple of Jesus, a recapitulation of the Christian life as walked between hedges. It is an exercise in faith, trusting that the labyrinth’s designer has seen to it that the obscured pathway through the hedges will indeed arrive […]