June 2, 2020

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Scott Lencke: Lament in Silence

Note from CM: Thanks to Scott for this thoughtful reminder about the importance of lament prayers — an especially relevant topic during Lent. You can read more of Scott’s writing at The Prodigal Thought. • • • Lament in Silence by Scott Lencke The church has entered the season of Lent. This is a focused […]

Randy Thompson: A Reminiscence of Thanksgivings Past

A Reminiscence of Thanksgivings Past by Randy Thompson I think it’s sad that we, as a country, no longer honor the celebration of Thanksgiving as we once did. Now, it is little more than a kick-off for Christmas-related consumerism, with people showing up at Walmart Thanksgiving Day for “door buster” deals, provided they’re not at […]

Randy Thompson: A Late November Meditation on Memory, Gratitude and Joy

A Late November Meditation on Memory, Gratitude and Joy by Randy Thompson Distinctions can be made between joy and happiness, but generally speaking, making the distinction isn’t worth the effort. Let’s say, simply, that happiness tends to be fueled by specific events and circumstances, while joy is a contentment rooted deep in the heart. Like […]

Walking the Labyrinth, part 2, by Randy Thompson

(The first part was posted Tuesday) Walking a labyrinth is a microcosm of life lived as a disciple of Jesus, a recapitulation of the Christian life as walked between hedges. It is an exercise in faith, trusting that the labyrinth’s designer has seen to it that the obscured pathway through the hedges will indeed arrive […]

Walking a Labyrinth to Get to a Labyrinth, part 1 by Randy Thompson

Until recently, labyrinths weren’t for me. From what I could make out, they were for people seeking that emotional warming oven known as “spirituality,” which may indeed warm but too often only leaves one half-baked.  For the life of me, I couldn’t see the point of labyrinths and certainly couldn’t imagine myself ever walking through […]

Scott Lencke: Space and Place: In the Aftermath of Notre Dame

Scott Lencke Space and Place: In the Aftermath of Notre Dame This past week the world learned of the fires that burst aflame in the Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris. There have been a lot of responses across the spectrum, both amongst religious and non-religious folk. I myself have been interested in the response of […]

Randy Thompson: It’s Spring, Sort of

Randy Thompson It’s Spring, Sort of Spring typically conjures up images of robins, flowers and bright yellow forsythia blooms. That’s the way spring is supposed to be for most of us. But, the reality of it here in New Hampshire is a bit different. Spring is mud season. We’re grateful for the warmer weather, but […]

The 3 Days — Randy Thompson: Good Friday Meditation

Good Friday Meditation Randy Thompson It is noon, and I am sitting in the last pew, in the back of the church. I am here because it is Good Friday. I do not have any deep thoughts. I do not vividly imagine myself at Golgotha. I am here because on this day I need to […]

Klasie Kraalogies: Rhythm — An Atheist Contemplates Lent

Rhythm – An Atheist Contemplates Lent By Klasie Kraalogies At the heart of the cosmos is rhythm, movement, cycles. Existence is a near-infinite superposition of Ptolemaic epicycles, seasons and ice ages and aeons of move and counter-move. A few days ago someone in the comment section talked about panentheism. Popularized, if that is the right […]

Klasie Kraalogies: Bound, Chained and Suffering

Bound, Chained and Suffering By Klasie Kraalogies In my last post, I hinted at the painful consequences of purity culture – a disastrous marriage. It is not my intention to air dirty laundry. But some very basic facts will out. These are not the thrust of this post. Marriage is forever. No matter what. Only […]