January 21, 2021

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Saturday Brunch, POLITICS-FREE EDITION, October 24, 2020

Hello friends, and welcome to the weekend. Ready for brunch? Okay, I’ve had enough. I don’t want to hear ONE word about politics today, especially in the comments section. NOT today, boys and girls. We are gonna brunch-out on some beautiful pics, some science, news, and some  random human weirdness. And if anyone even mentions […]

Pro-life and Anti-Trump?

I recently ran across a Facebook argument, in which two people I respect (I will call them Mrs. A and Mr. B) took very different positions on voting. Both are thoughtful, intelligent Christians, yet the issue that primarily divided them was on whether abortion was an absolute deal-breaker when it came to voting for the […]

A Beauty Before Death

I walked through a graveyard on an October morn, and worshipped as I wandered. For the slant light illumined the rainbow of trees, each aflame with the beauty of God. I stood speechless before so many burning bushes. But stones also surrounded me, cold in the morning air.   Stones shaped and engraved, each marking and […]

Adding a dimension

I was asked again this week: what will our life look like after death? I had just explained (again) to a group of young people that the plan of God is not to take them to heaven, at least as they likely understood the phrase. Rather, it is to bring heaven to earth. To re-create […]

Saturday Brunch, June 6, 2020

Good morning, my friends, and welcome to the weekend. Ready for some brunch? The beauty of animals has always haunted and delighted us. The first artwork were cave sketches of animals. But George Wheelhouse takes a novel approach: “I started photographing animals against dark backgrounds due to my obsessive instinct to remove as much distraction […]

Saturday Brunch, May 30, 2020

Hello, friends, and welcome to the weekend. You know what we haven’t had for a while?  Brunch!! As usual, I’m not going to bring up the subjects dominating the headlines. The Brunch focuses on the interesting (at least to me), the silly, and the un-reported. I also avoid mentioning a certain politician because, inevitably, the […]

The IM Saturday Monks Brunch: February 8, 2020

  The IM Saturday Monks Brunch: February 8, 2020 Hello, friends, and welcome to the weekend. Ready for some brunch? You know what? On January 25th Internet Monk hit 300,000 comments, on roughly 6500 posts since January 2004. Pretty cool. The Kansas City Chiefs scored three touchdowns in the fourth quarter to come from behind […]

New Year’s Brunch, December 28 2019

Hello, friends, and welcome to the weekend. Ready for a New Year’s Brunch? I actually don’t have any items about New Years in the New Year’s Brunch. I just like saying New Year’s Brunch. It makes me feel sophisticated and cosmopolitan. Don’t judge. But it is still holiday time, so this week’s entries are all […]

Christmas and the Empty Chair

Dear imonk friends. On Tuesday night’s Christmas Eve Service I shared some thoughts on what Christmas means to me after a year of great loss and pain. I am posting them here in hopes it may help someone.   2019 has been the worst year of my life. I won’t go into details, but just […]

Christmas Brunch, December 21, 2019

Hello, friends. Ready for a Christmas Brunch? Let’s take a break from politics and divisiveness and focus on Christmas. We will start with some silly stuff, give a few lists, pose a couple discussion questions, and then conclude with Madonnas from around the world.   THE TWELVE THANK-YOU NOTES OF CHRISTMAS Dec 25 My dearest […]