November 29, 2020

About Daniel Jepsen

A River of Baptists

How about a little fun today with collective nouns? Some collective nouns are just odd: a husk of jackrabbits, a knot of toads. But the best ones combine the idea of plurality with some characteristic of the species: A wake of buzzards, a parliament of owls, or (my favorite) a lounge of lizards. But why […]

Interpreting Reality

I had lunch with my friend Thor this week. On Thursday, appropriately enough. Of course Thor is not his real name, just the nickname I call him; I like it when my phone tells me I have a text from Thor. Thor relayed an interesting story. His friend had called him recently to say that […]

Are We in the Last Days?

Question: Are we in the last days? You may have noticed, as I have, an uptick of interest in the subject of the last days recently, especially with the uncertainty of the pandemic and the election. These seem like strange days indeed.   So what I would like to do is explore this question in three […]

Is Democracy Backsliding?

Today, of course, marks the terminus of voting for the U.S. 2020 electoral season. By this evening, some 140-150 million Americans will have voted; about 60 percent of eligible voters. Experts predict it will be a record. That sounds like a win for democracy. And certainly it is better than when large groups of the […]

The Wounded, Wounding God

One of my life-albums is “The Lover and the Beloved”, by John Michael Talbot. In this album, JMT takes devotional writings from some of the great spiritual writers of church history, adapts them to song, and then sings them, accompanied only by an acoustic guitar. So…a little bit different than what the Music-Industrial Complex, in […]

Saturday Brunch, POLITICS-FREE EDITION, October 24, 2020

Hello friends, and welcome to the weekend. Ready for brunch? Okay, I’ve had enough. I don’t want to hear ONE word about politics today, especially in the comments section. NOT today, boys and girls. We are gonna brunch-out on some beautiful pics, some science, news, and some  random human weirdness. And if anyone even mentions […]

Pro-life and Anti-Trump?

I recently ran across a Facebook argument, in which two people I respect (I will call them Mrs. A and Mr. B) took very different positions on voting. Both are thoughtful, intelligent Christians, yet the issue that primarily divided them was on whether abortion was an absolute deal-breaker when it came to voting for the […]

A Beauty Before Death

I walked through a graveyard on an October morn, and worshipped as I wandered. For the slant light illumined the rainbow of trees, each aflame with the beauty of God. I stood speechless before so many burning bushes. But stones also surrounded me, cold in the morning air.   Stones shaped and engraved, each marking and […]

Adding a dimension

I was asked again this week: what will our life look like after death? I had just explained (again) to a group of young people that the plan of God is not to take them to heaven, at least as they likely understood the phrase. Rather, it is to bring heaven to earth. To re-create […]

Saturday Brunch, June 6, 2020

Good morning, my friends, and welcome to the weekend. Ready for some brunch? The beauty of animals has always haunted and delighted us. The first artwork were cave sketches of animals. But George Wheelhouse takes a novel approach: “I started photographing animals against dark backgrounds due to my obsessive instinct to remove as much distraction […]