December 5, 2020

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IM Book Review: The Between Time by Damaris Zehner (David Cornwell)

Note from CM: I’m so pleased to announce that Damaris Zehner’s new book has been published! It is available on Twenty-Third Publications’ website and for pre-order on Amazon.   For our readers from New Zealand (!), there is a local source. Germans can pay with Euros here and Dutch here. We’ve asked our friend David Cornwell to review it today. Congratulations, […]

David Cornwell: Come and See

Come and See Pictures and Text by David Cornwell From the time I can remember I’ve been interested in photography one way or another. It started out, I think, by seeing my mom and dad use a camera to take family snapshots. In fact I now have an old print, taken around 1940 or so, […]

David Cornwell: Why Christians Have Children

Moving beyond the obvious, have you given serious thought as to why we have children? What difference does it make that we are Christian? Did you and your spouse discuss this ahead of time? What part in your decision did, or will, the Church make?  Does your specific church have any teachings about this, and […]

David Cornwell: I Love to Tell the Story

Note from CM: I’m thrilled to have our regular commenter and resident sage David Cornwell contributing today. Dave, with his experience, insight, and encouraging manner, adds depth to our discussions on a regular basis. He also takes amazing photographs, samples of which you can see here. Enjoy more at his Flickr page. * * * […]


Lent 2012: A Journey through the Wilderness Lost (David Cornwell) Photos by David Cornwell Have you ever been lost in an actual physical wilderness? I have—sort of. The place is a an environmental research center not far from my home. It’s a protected wetland environment, along with peat bogs, prairie and savanna restorations, and woods. […]

How Do You Say “I Love You?”

David Cornwell is a long-time reader and commenter at InternetMonk. Many (and I do mean many) of you have written to me personally asking if David could write something longer than his comments for us. Chaplain Mike and I both agreed that David’s contributions would be most welcome here. Please join me in welcoming David […]