December 12, 2019

About Chaplain Mike

Chaplain Mike works with a hospice organization in central Indiana. He has been in pastoral ministry since 1978, serving in churches in Maryland, Vermont, Illinois, and Indiana before moving into chaplaincy work. He is married to a wonderful gifted wife, Gail, and they have four children and three grandchildren. He thinks baseball is the greatest game ever invented, suffers annually as a Chicago Cubs fan, and is looking forward to putting on a cap again this spring to coach his grandson's Little League team. He loves a wide variety of music, spends way too much money on books, is happy to live in a place where there are four seasons, and is a "true believer" in Apple computers, having used them since 1988. Luther is his favorite theologian, Bach his favorite composer, James Taylor his favorite singer-songwriter, Chicago his favorite city, and hiking his favorite form of exercise. He would love to do more with photography and dreams of having a place in the mountains of Arizona some day. His heart has been captured by the grace of God in Jesus Christ and considers himself a post-evangelical disciple seeking a Jesus-shaped life and hoping to help the church do the same. He is forever grateful to his friend, Michael Spencer, for giving him an opportunity to write for Internet Monk.

Another Look: Let’s Go Marveling

Let’s go marveling. “This felicitous phrase is taken from the great Methodist preacher Fred Craddock, who tells of the ancestral practice of taking walks every Sunday afternoon and finding things to marvel at and to share with others” (Wm. P. Brown). A sense of wonder is essential to the attitude of thankfulness. It is when […]

Sermon: Reign of Christ Sunday — What kind of King is this?

Sermon: Reign of Christ Sunday What kind of King is this? (Luke 22:33-43) The Lord be with you. On the church calendar, it is the last Sunday of the year, the Sunday on which we celebrate the Reign of Christ — his Kingship, his rulership over all of our lives, over all the world, over […]

IM Recommended Reading: Late Migrations

I am reading a remarkable, luminous book by Margaret Renkl, called Late Migrations: A Natural History of Love and Loss. This book of meditations and and short essays reminds me of Annie Dillard’s writing, with its intermingling of nature observations and reflections on life. Maureen Corrigan said the following in her review: “Late Migrations is […]

BEYOND Traditional Marriage: A New Program

Another Look: BEYOND Traditional Here is another look at a proposed program for strengthening marriages that we suggested a few years ago. We don’t just promote traditional marriage, we recommend going BEYOND traditional marriage and taking up these tried and true practices that are fully Biblical™ and forever enshrined for us in the pages of […]

Another Look: Are We More Gracious than God?

 Above all, maintain constant love for one another, for love covers a multitude of sins. • 1 Peter 4:8, NRSV Love…keeps no record of being wronged. • 1 Corinthians 13:5, NLT • • • This is not meant as a formal theological analysis of the meaning of the atonement. It’s more like street-level questioning of […]

Hymns that Got My Attention Sunday

Hymns that Got My Attention Sunday Yesterday in church, it was the hymns that spoke to me. This is not uncommon. Music is like blood to me, the life of my inner being. In worship, more often than not, it is in the hymns that I hear the gospel in wonderful poetry, striking metaphors, and […]

Sermon: Firmly Situated in This World

Sermon: 2 Thessalonians 3:6-13 Now we command you, beloved, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, to keep away from believers who are living in idleness and not according to the tradition that they received from us. For you yourselves know how you ought to imitate us; we were not idle when we were […]

Another Look: the cruelest month…

the cruelest month… t. s. eliot was wrong—it is not april, but november. it is november that sucks the color out of the world. it is november that brutally strips the brilliant textured sweater off the tree and leaves it naked, shivering against the gray, cold wind. it is november, when sky becomes steel, earth […]

Sermon: Life after Life after Death

Sermon: Luke 20:27-38 Life after Life after Death But resurrection life, Jesus insists, is qualitatively different. The ordinary events and relationships by which we track our journey though this mortal life — marriage, childbirth, graduations, retirements and so on — do not characterize our eternal lives because resurrection life is not merely an extension of […]

The IM Saturday Monks Brunch: November 9, 2019

The IM Saturday Monks Brunch: November 9, 2019 My Sorrow, when she’s here with me, Thinks these dark days of autumn rain Are beautiful as days can be; She loves the bare, the withered tree; She walks the sodden pasture lane. Her pleasure will not let me stay. She talks and I am fain to […]