June 5, 2020

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Saturday Ramblings 8.6.11

Since Senior Rambler Jeff Dunn is driving cross-country at the moment, it has fallen to me, Adam Palmer, the completely stationary Junior Rambler, to sweep up the iron filings from the floor of the iMonastery’s smithy. Here we go: This week Christian apologist and all-around smart fellow Terry Mattingly wrote a thought-provoking essay about the […]

Saturday Ramblings 6.4.11

Our rambler-in-chief is visiting his family in Ohio this week, so Saturday Ramblings duties have fallen to me, Adam Palmer. Four months ago I was curled up by the fire while two feet of snow fell outside. Today I am curling up from the fiery heat while, uh… putting my two feet into snow… cones? […]

iMonk Review Of Love Wins

It is a popular pastime in our society to deride the entertainment industry for its barrel-scraping lack of original ideas, but sometimes stereotypes exist because they’re true. Plus, barnside targets make for easy scores. Take, for example, the time-honored story of a man and a woman who can’t seem to get along, but, for some […]

IM Book Review: The Language Of Science And Faith

Oh, boy. Here we go again, wading into the murky waters of how-we-all-got-here. Strap on your galoshes and let’s hope we don’t get too messy. Frequenters of Internet Monk will already be fluent in the language of the conversation. For the newly initiated: on one side, at its most extreme, we have those who say […]

Saturday Ramblings—8.21.10

MOD NOTE: Thanks to Adam Palmer for doing our rambling for us this week! Jeff has taken leave of the iMonastery this week to visit our English friends across the pond (where they have monasteries that are only slightly older than this one), so it is up to me, Adam Palmer, to ramble today. Shall […]

The Sweat Of Our Brow

In retrospect, I probably should’ve brought the map. Footstep after footstep, one in front of the other, each one of them leading me and my pregnant wife farther astray on the hiking trail. But it was a nice summer day, overcast, not too hot, and the trails weren’t that steep. So we did our best […]

Saturday Ramblings

Presented by Adam Palmer Greetings, all. Jeff Dunn, the Grand Rambler of the iMonastery is on assignment in Colorado this week and has left it to me, his trusty apprentice, to present this week’s offering of Saturday Ramblings. To wit: People are actually signing up to spend a year and a half living in a […]