November 26, 2020

Art Auction for iMonk

A word from Chaplain Mike.

Friend of Internet Monk, Michael Buckley, has graciously offered to auction some of his art pieces as a way of raising some funds to support Michael Spencer with his medical bills and needs at this time.

Michael is the artist who did the banner art for the masthead on the IM website.

Here is a good way to get some nice art for yourself while helping a friend.

Click on the picture next to the “Donate” link on the right side of the page. You will be able to preview the art on Michael’s Flickr page.

Thanks for your support!


  1. I understand that the following opinion may be deleted, but here goes. I am ashamed that we in the US live in a country where a man in Michael’s condition needs help like this to pay his medical bills.

    • There are few folks who don’t need help at some time in their lives, Jonathan, for various reasons. I for one am thankful that Michael is a brother in God’s family with so many spiritual siblings who care.

    • Jan Dillaha says

      Jonathan I would love to know how it is that we would show our love for one another if we relegate the care of the widow, the orphan, the prisoner, the foreigner and the infirm to government programs.

      While I am sorry that Michael is sick and that he is in need, I am glad to be part of the body of believers that love and support him and his family.

      • Jan, I’m sorry that you don’t see how Christian charity and life-sustaining government assistance can co-exist. You may want to ask Christians living in virtually every other industrialized country. I don’t want my comment to be a distraction, but I simply couldn’t help myself. Thank you, Mike,

        • I’m with you Jonathan. I am Canadian and although we have universal health care we still manage to find many ways to show our love for one another.

          My father died of cancer several years ago and I find it difficult to even fathom Michael having to worry about health care coverage at a time like this.

          • I agree with you, Jonathan and KM. There needs to be a way that people with serious illnesses do not have the extra financial worry of how they will pay for treatment. Many other countries have figured out ways to do this; it SEEMS like the USA should be able to figure it out. And even if someone does have their treatment paid for, they would still need our support for lots of things that cost money, like loss of job, increased travel costs and many other things. So like KM says, we could “still manage to find many ways to show our love for one another.”

  2. How can I reach you to discuss a similar auction?

    • You will need to clear it through Michael and Denise. Write her using the link on the top right of the page. That will get the ball rolling. Thanks!

  3. I think it’ s a shame that someone would actually exploit the sick to justify their political stance.

  4. mods above comment is inappropriate, please delete