December 3, 2020

Archbishop Williams Loses His Mind

rwChurch of England Archbishop Rowan Williams has clearly lost his mind.

What he’s asking of churches is…’s…..well………

In these times when the church has the opportunity to show great film clips, debate homosexuality, have a kickin’ band and Comedy Central in the pulpit, Archbishop Rowan is suggesting….that…..

I can’t say it. It’s simply unthinkable in this day and age. With leadership like this, what is going to happen to the Church of England?

Thank God that evangelicals have leaders that are far ahead of this sort of insulting and out-of-touch thinking.


  1. Steve in Toronto says

    It’s a shame that most North Americans only know Rowan Williams as he is caricatured in the British Tabloid press (no he is not a Druid). While he is certainly not an evangelical (for better of worse) he has been a good friend to low Chuch Anglicans in Briton and His wife (Jane Williams) is a teacher at Holy Trinity Brompton (HTB) Saint Paul’s Theological Center (ground zero for England’s Anglican revival). I don’t agree with him on everything but he is defiantly on the side of the angels.

    God Bless
    Steve in Toronto

  2. That Other Jean says

    Prayer and contemplation?! You have to watch those crazy Anglicans EVERY MINUTE! What will they think of next?

  3. Excellent!

  4. You had me on that one!

  5. oh, the horror!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. It is about time he said something that was at least close to Christianity.

    He has made many comments in the past that just seem to be, at least to me, very odd. I will not get in to them because it would go beyond the scope of this entry and I do not want to put a bad spin on something to which I very much agree the Anglican church needs.

  7. You’re right. It is utterly surprising that he would suggest churches do this. It is also surprising that he would suggest churches refrain from gossip and backbiting, as he goes on to suggest during the course of his speech.

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  8. The proposed two-tier “communion” within the Anglican Communion is interesting. I find myself wondering if ECUSA would end up on the bottom tier or if the Anglican Renewal folks like CANA would. Or would both? At any rate, I really like that Archy (as my parents and grandparents who are on opposite sides of this battle call him) has made some practical inroads to fixing the rift. And I REALLY like his take on prayer and whatnot. After all, a common prayer (or should I say a Common Prayer book) is what allegedly is the practical unifier within the various branches of Anglicanism.

  9. Sad part is – I would guess most had the same reaction I had, the “planned” reaction – “Oh boy…now what?”

    Unfortunately, we have reached a point when the leaders of our churches are known more for the…bad…things they say, rather than being known for their Scripturally based directions…

    So – we see a headline or tagline like yours – and automatically assume it is something bad again…

    wonder if this is any different than the past…

  10. “The person sitting next to me praying next to me is someone in whom Jesus is praying. I try to listen to the voice of Jesus at prayer in them. I try to see the force and energy of Jesus’s life in them,” he said.

    In our Roman Catholic tradition, we are taught to venerate a metal box with consecrated hosts within it more than the living human tabernacles who the hosts were actually consecrated to inhabit. It is quite a shame.

    I resisted the temptation to post about rude behavior inside our services in the recent thread. Seems more appropriate here. I observe a kind of selfish and rude treatment of fellow communicants during our services that you rarely see and is little tolerated in general society. Couples and some individuals arrive early and situate themselves at the very end of their pew and put the kneeler down — not to pray, but to dissuade others from trying to get past them to unoccupied space in the middle. Coming a few minutes late you will find people — families, seniors, etc. — standing or searching for seating while there are otherwise easily accessible and ample seating in several pews with blocking couples on either side, ignoring those looking for a place to sit.

    But if a bronze tabernacle walked in, they’d make room, I’m sure ….

  11. 😉

  12. AHAHAHAHAHAHA. I see what you did there, iMonk. Thanks – you just made my day yet again. 🙂

  13. Rowan Williams has done everything anyone could think of to keep the church from splitting over the issue of homosexuality. His “reward” has been that of most peacemakers: vitriol from the far left and the far right. As a farily new (12 years) Episcopalian, I wish him well, in this and other efforts.

  14. that was LoL funny…btw I’m just finishing up his outstanding work on Dostoevsky! Dido’s to Steve “Its a shame…” also the caricatures propagated by American media – A few years ago I was flipping thru the radio during Lunch and landed upon the Rush Limbaugh show…according to Limbaugh Rowan Williams had the audacity to pontificate that the Nativity scene, as we know it, is not found anywhere in Scripture? duh?! Therefore the Archbishop denied Xmas, was castigated and denounced as a…. “LIBERAL” 🙂

    again – too funny (and sadly typical)

  15. “Dr Williams told more than 30 Primates of the 38 provinces of the Anglican Communion . . .”

    why is the archbishop talking to monkeys?

  16. Very interesting. Way to go Arch-Bish.

  17. Headless Unicorn Guy says

    “Dr Williams told more than 30 Primates of the 38 provinces of the Anglican Communion . . .”

    why is the archbishop talking to monkeys? — Jeuby

    As Stephen Jay Gould pointed out in his essay on Bishop Usher, the ecclesiastical use of “Primate” precedes the zoological one. So your question is completely backwards. (His mental image was of an ape in Bishop Usher’s ruff-collar.)

    Don’t remember which one of Gould’s essay collections that one’s in (or its title), but he traced the reasoning behind Usher’s chronology (both historical and symbolic) and his reason for doing it — an attempt to write a chronology of all human history.

  18. What will the church dream up next!

  19. prayer is heresy in a self-centered mind.

  20. why is the archbishop talking to monkeys?

    Ha. Why are any of us?

  21. And why is it that only English church guys have such bushy eyebrows, cool beards and hair. He looks like a professor in a Harry Potter film. We only have guys with bouffants and bad suits who say Gawwwd a lot. It’s really not fair at all. I’d have become a Christian way earlier than I did if the Christians I came across looked and acted more like Williams than Jim Baker and Tammy Faye. But then I do live near Branson, Mo.