December 2, 2020

And Now For Something Completely … The Same

Most words simply convey information or one’s feeling at the moment.

Then there are words that change one’s life.

I spoke with Denise Spencer a couple of months before her husband, Michael–the Internet Monk himself–died. I shared with Denise my idea for keeping this web site going in a way that would hopefully provide some income, however limited, for Denise.

“I really don’t care about the money,” said Denise. “I just don’t want to let what Michael has spent more than ten years building die when he dies.”

Those words have changed my life.

I met the Spencers a couple of years ago when I became Michael’s literary agent, working with him to craft a book proposal and shopping it to a number of the top publishers. Waterbrook, a division of Random House, excitedly offered a contract which, to Michael, seemed to be more money than he imagined he could every earn from his writing.

I worked with Michael as he wrote his first draft, helped him navigate the often absurd world of publishing. When Michael became too ill to continue assisting in the editing process, I worked with Ron Lee at Waterbrook to complete the project. And now that Michael is gone, I will work with the marketing and publicity department of Random House to help move as many copies of Mere Churchianity as possible. This was Michael’s life message, and he wanted it to be read by everyone. We will be working hard to fulfill Michael’s dream.

(Mere Churchianity will be released in September of this year.)

But as much as Michael poured into the book, it was this web site he considered his most important contribution to the Christian culture of today.

“I just don’t want to let what Michael has spent more than ten years building die when he dies.”

By God’s grace, it never will.

I started a new publishing company last August, a company designed to give a voice to those who otherwise would never be heard. Electric Moon Publishing focuses primarily on eBooks, taking advantage of the fast-growing world of digital book readers. I offered to Denise to take over the publication of, keeping the editorial focus the same as Michael intended, but increasing income potential in order to bless Denise. We have been working quietly in the background for the past weeks to do just that. Now that Michael has, as some say, graduated, it is time to introduce the new kids in town.

The first new kid is not really new at all. You know him as Chaplain Mike–Mike Mercer–who has been graciously running the site since Michael became sick last fall. I met Chaplain Mike in person last month. Within the first half hour I was sharing some very personal struggles with Mike; he invites deep sharing by his deep listening–he listens with his eyes as well as his ears. Mike, by his own admission, has wandered for some time in the post-evangelical wilderness and found a home here in the iMonk community. The only way I would consider taking on the role of publisher of this site was to have Chaplain Mike stay on as editorial director, which he has agreed to do. Mike shoulders the burden of maintaining Michael Spencer’s vision for this site, which, as best as we can describe, is to “comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.”

“And more of the latter,” says Chaplain Mike.

Joe Stallard, aka Joe the Plumber (but not that Joe the Plumber), makes everything work. Really well. Joe has made this site work so simply and so well that even I will have trouble screwing it up. (Not that I won’t, mind you, but it will take extra effort.) I met Joe in person this week, and a nicer, kinder man you will not find. Joe loves the iMonk community, longs for us to grow in grace through the writing of this site, and wants Denise to be blessed in all that happens here. That is the extent of Joe’s pay for all he does–the satisfaction of knowing God is glorified at

I have three other partners in Electric Moon, all of whom are giving of their time and skills to keep going. Dennis Worden, Matt Jones and Laree Lindburg are all extremely talented, but more than that, they are passionate in their devotion to Christ. You may never see or hear from them, but be assured that their efforts are very necessary and very much appreciated.

We will be introducing some new writers to the iMonk community. I’ll let Chaplain Mike tell you about those who he is talking into the thankless (and pay-less) task of writing for us. I want to mention two of my good friends–and two very good thinkers and writers: Lisa Dye and Adam Palmer. Watch for their posts in the near future.

And me? Well, I am going to do my best to stay out of the way of those who really know what they are doing. Much of what I do will be done in the background. I will occasionally pop up and share some thoughts with you, but I want to support those whose talents far exceed mine. You are always welcome to write to me ( with thoughts and comments and, yes, complaints. (Although I have to tell you that I only respond to complaints on the second Tuesday of each week.)

This is not my web site. It does not belong to Chaplain Mike, Joe the Plumber, or Electric Moon Publishing. This is the site built by Dennis Michael Spencer in order to challenge and change lives and hearts. We–all of us listed above–have one common focus. We are not going to let what Michael spent ten years building die.

Let the fun begin continue.


  1. The_Great_Angus says

    Rock it out! i have known Michael for the biggest part of my life. I miss him and appreciate your doing this. Can I be the official thug?

  2. “…whosoever believeth in him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.

    Praise be to God. 🙂

  3. Hooah sir, Hooah.

  4. Cynthia Jones says

    I am SO THRILLED to read this! On Tuesday night, I wrote the following to Denise:

    “After you told me Michael was sick and I began to realize he would soon be with the Lord, I started to wonder what would happen to all his essays on the website? What a treasure trove of wisdom is there! I remember him saying one time that he’d love it if you put his sermons (this was before he started the blog) into a book after he died – much like Oswald Chambers’ wife did. I have often found comfort in his writings and have directed others to explore his blog. I think it would be just terrible if that website came down and all that wisdom was “lost.” I’ve been tempted to start printing frantically in an attempt to hold on to all that is there. Then, I realized I’d wipe out a rainforest, deplete Office Depot’s ink supply, and wear out my printer if I attempted to print out ten years’ worth of writing! This is nothing more than just a curious question floating around in my head. Do with it as you wish!”

    She probably hasn’t read it yet, because I put in the subject line of that e-mail, “Read this later — when your mind is less crowded.” After I sent her that, I began seeing several others express the same — or at least a similar — sentiment. Now, reading that the site will go on — and that I do not have to chop down a rainforest to continue to have access to all that wisdom God gave Michael Spencer — I am thrilled! I also have tears in my eyes right now. They are a mix between tears of sorrow and tears of joy — sorrow at the loss of Michael and joy at having been blessed to know him.

    • Save that rainforest–and Office Depot! Plans are afoot to collect Michael’s essays into mini-books. Stay tuned…

      • Cynthia Jones says

        …and, THAT is good news! Thank you so much!

      • Headless Unicorn Guy says

        I was ready to high-pressure you to pub collections of his essays & blog postings. Especially the multi-part ones.

        IMonk died just as his first book was nearing release; I was hoping it would be the first of many. With essay collections, it won’t be.

      • Jeff, I hope the mini-books you are speaking about will be “physical” books, if you know what I mean. I have started reading online books, but I really don’t like reading more than five pages or so on the computer. And I really don’t want to print out more than 15 pages or so and use up so much printer ink. I like to buy my books (usually through Amazon) already all printed up with covers and everything.

        Good luck gathering up all of Michael’s writings!

      • My wife and I were talking about the possibility of books this morning. Long before I read this. Great idea.Thanks for keeping this site alive. There’s so much that Michael wrote that is just simply incredible.

  5. Another Mary says

    Thank you sooooo much! That’s all I can say for now.

  6. Jeff, I think I just made a timely post a few articles back under “Now in Another Wilderness.”

    I challenged readers to buy a copy, or to buy three copies (for free shipping; almost as cheap as two). This will help sales of the first book (yes, I said “first” because if we buy enough copies there WILL be a second. I mean, publishers aren’t stupid).

    Michael made this blog possible and the blog made Michael’s writing possible. And now, with the book about to be published, the blog and the book have developed a symbiotic relationship.

    So let’s keep both going.

    In the other post I asked Chaplain Mike if he was up to this. I guess he is.

  7. Good luck, Jeff and Chaplain Mike and the rest of you working to keep the blog going. I know you all will do your best to keep this site as interesting/informative/encouraging as it can be. I would like to see something similar to the “Liturgical Gangstas” happen from time to time. Those posts were always fun and educational to read.

    And thank you!

  8. I’ve wondered the same thing. My biggest concern was all the archive material going back so many years reamining available.

    Tribute posts abound on the internet (I’ve written two). There is of course tons of print and audio of iMonk himself on this blog; but my wife just showed me this video of a Michael Spencer interview done at Cornerstone 2009 –

  9. I am so grateful that Micheal’s vision will be carried on by others and that this site will continue to interrupt cyberspace. I met Micheal through this site and shared many e-mails with him. He will be missed greatly. Thank you for pressing forward with this and please place a reminder of when the book will be released. I have been looking forward to its publication for sometime now.

  10. Thank you so much Jeff. It’s so incredibly good to know that there are a group of Imonks willing to carry on the holy work that Michael began. God bless you.

  11. And on a totally unrelated topic, how do I get a cool pic next to my name. I’m really starting to get jealous and that’s not good!

  12. The Guy from Knoxville says

    Oh Jeff, Chaplin Mike…… this is the best news. I so hoped that this kind of thing would happen and God in his amazing grace and timing was putting this together even as he prepared Michael and his family and the I-Monk family for his home going earlier this week.

    Words fail me at how excited I am to hear this – praise be to God!! It’s wonderful news that comes during this evening that has found me profoundly depressed, pained and hurting over this loss. It has a way of catching up with you.

    Again, thanks so much – there was just no way this could cease to be….. Michael would not, did not want that to happen and I really look forward to the future as we emerge on the other side of this difficult time. This place is unique unlike any other and anyone who has spent time here, even for a short period, senses and knows this. I can measure my time here in years now and look forward to many, many more. Thank God, Thank you Jeff, Thank you Mike and every one involved and to Denise…… thank you for being willing to see this ministry continue on in this most difficult time – know that we all love you and your family and thank you for sharing Michael with us through this most unique and wonderfully unusual site/blog called Internet Monk.

    As always – Peace.

  13. The Guy from Knoxville says

    Ment to add also that I’ve already pre order the book and will be ordering more to give out as well!

  14. There are so many things we have read, written, watched and listened to here. If I say “Holy Ghost Hoky Poky” many of you will know just what I am talking about. How many places would THAT happen! I can say “remember Michael’s dad’s boat” and many of you will remember with sadness Michael’s wonderful essay about his dad and that boat. How about when Michael asked us what we had for religious “gear” and he showed us photos of all the “stuff” he had? And I am not even really one of the “long timers” here. Some folks have been following him when he just had the essays posted, no blog. I came in when he had the blog. I can’t remember just when though.

    • The Guy from Knoxville says

      JoanieD – Yes, yes….. every one of those things I know, have read have done (the gear) – boy was that ever a fun one …. something so simple that became something so big and wonderful. I still have the photos of my gear that I posted and I’ve saved all my emails and exchanges with Michael. I remember the Boat and the podcast that he opened about cats that was so funny and about the postcast intros with Michael in the reserved seats high above…….. and more.

      One almost thinks that there should be, at least once, a gathering somewhere of all the I-Monk family of readers/posters/writers etc. That would be a grand event and a chance to meet many in person and remember the one who, by the grace of God, started this wonderful and safe city of refuge for so many of us on this unique journey.

      Such wonderful, wonderful memories we have and so many more to be made yet as this walk through the Evangelical Wilderness continues and we have one who’s gone on before us to blaze the trail that we contiue on.

      Thanks for the post!

      • Hey, Guy From Knoxville, you wrote, “One almost thinks that there should be, at least once, a gathering somewhere of all the I-Monk family of readers/posters/writers etc.” Over at near the bottom on April 8, 2010 at 10:52 pm I posted a “funny” comment about us getting together. I would love to have you join us in that lodge!

        • The Guy from Knoxville says

          JoanieD, That would be one wonderful time…….. Maybe it should be seriously considered and I loved the post – it pictures perfectly what such a meeting would probably be like and I think Michael would have loved something like that and would
          have joined right in the festivities.

          It would be wonderful and indeed and honor to be a part of such a meeting. Maybe it needs to be suggested to Jeff, Chaplin Mike, Denise and others that will be keeping things going here…… at an appropriate time after we get through this mourning period it would be a topic for a post and discussion and see what happens!

          • Peggy in Shenandoah Valley says

            I join with hallelujah’s about the site continuing and I agree there should be a gathering- not just a one time thing; an annual get-together to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable! I wanted so much to go to KY for the service but have 2 conflicts of previous commitments, one of them being a memorial service for a former co-worker.

          • Guy from Knoxville: I expect for myself getting together with you all in person will remain a fantasy and not a reality. But that’s OK, because fantasy works quite well for me! Unless it was in Maine, my husband would be too nervous about my traveling for me to leave him to attend and he would not go. Even my traveling around Maine is a burden on him. That’s my life. But if you and others manage to make it happen, it will be so fun to hear about! Maybe we can find some online way to participate in it live while it happens. That would be cool.

            But hey, think about Maine. It’s so lovely in the fall and after Labor Day, prices go down as the tourists leave. Might be able to rent a whole lodge for a good price.

    • Ann Marie says

      Yes, so many great things are here. One of my favorite Michael lines was from the “Wretched Urgency” article, which you can find in the Essays tab. It reads:

      We took classes in how to “witness,” classes that bore an amazing similarity to seminars on how to sell vacuum cleaners and encyclopedias. (“Mrs. Jones, after seeing the amazing usefulness of Jesus, can you think of any reason you shouldn’t buy him right now?”)

      I am so glad lines like that will live on! Not that he was just a one-liner guy, but he had a gift for summing up my frustrations and questions in a few insightful, hilarious words.

      • (“Mrs. Jones, after seeing the amazing usefulness of Jesus, can you think of any reason you shouldn’t buy him right now?”)

        That IS a great line, Anne Marie! Thanks for reminding us of it.

    • Headless Unicorn Guy says

      There are so many things we have read, written, watched and listened to here. If I say “Holy Ghost Hoky Poky” many of you will know just what I am talking about.

      And “Wretched Urgency”.
      And “Spin Me Round Round Jeesus Round Round”.
      And “Evangelism Eager to Leave”.
      And “Evangelical Untouchables/Liturgical Gangstas”.
      And “Post-Evangelical Wilderness’…

      • The Guy from Knoxville says


        Nearly in tears here in Knoxville – that line “comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable” that is classic……. LOL! You can bet a group like us here and BHT would do just that.
        Maybe this will come to pass – sure would be great fun!

        • The Guy from Knoxville says

          One additional thing here – one can sense that some of the heaviness is lifting with some of the comments and there will be ups and downs yet – tomorrow will be tough for all in attendance. Unfortunately my work schedule will not permit me to go that has been a crushing thing for me but we are extremely short staffed at the moment and there was just no way to have anyone else off and cover what needs to be covered. It’s law enforement related and my office is 24/7/365.

          My prayers and thoughs will be with all of us tomorrow – for those at the service and those unable to make it.

  15. I look forward to hearing from the new guys!

  16. That Other Jean says

    I am so glad that Michael’s blog, and Michael’s focus, will continue here. Thank you all.

  17. I, too, would like to echo the chorus of people glad to hear this. Looking back through the archives, there is so much wisdom Michael shared, especially in ways that help those of us left in the post-evangelical wilderness, that would be a shame to lose.

    Chaplain Mike has done an outstanding job keeping the site afloat in recent weeks, and I pray he will continue to be up to the task. Reading what he has written so far, I know he is up to the task of continuing where Michael left off.

    One question I have concerns the podcasts. I know Michael removed them after a period of time due to his own space constraints. There is one other page I know of out there that has some of the older podcasts. Is there any kind of search in place to locate everything he recored? Between the iMonk podcasts and the coffee cup apologetics podcasts, it would be great if they could be preserved as well.

    • Jason,

      It appears that the podcast archives (both iMonk & Coffee Cup) are intact.

      • The links for the IM podcasts up through 99 are there, but the audio files aren’t.

        49-81 can be accessed here

      • Dennis Oliver says

        I’ve been listening to Michael’s pod casts that I have (48-167) again the last few weeks. If anyone has 1-47 I would love to be able to hear those also. Any other recordings of Michael’s sermons, teachings, interviews that anyone might have would be a great addition to the site. I just discovered iMonk a couple years ago and he has been a great inspiration and comfort to me, so I also am very glad to see this site continue.

        Thank You

    • Headless Unicorn Guy says

      Maybe group them onto a special “Podcast Archive” page?

  18. This is SO what God is about…making good come out of the bad. I’m glad Michael’s blog will live on. I pray God and our Lord bless all of you who will continue to support this site.

  19. From this sometime commenter/frequent reader, thank all of you for continuing this site. It pushes all of us – Evangelical/Catholic/Orthodox/”other” – out of our ‘comfort zones’ and into contact with each other, and meeting places like that are far too few.

    I’d also be interested in a book compilation of Michael’s essays, btw. Is anything like that even tentatively planned, or a possibility?

  20. I’m glad there is a continuing of this site… I couldn’t handle the withdrawls. And bravo Chapplain Mike. You’ve been doing much of the same. Fantastic work.
    However, I for one would appreciate it if the panels were kept going (liturgical gangstas and evangelical untouchables). It would keep things ecumenical and diverse, two features that I for one appreciate deeply about this site. My two cents.

  21. Thank all of you so much. Your respect of the site’s vision, goals, and past effects is heart-warming and greatly welcomed.

    • Thank you, Clay. As you already knew, your father touched myriad lives through his love and his words. I look forward to meeting you tomorrow.

    • The Guy from Knoxville says


      As I put in a comment – maybe in this post – to your mother I also say to you….. Thanks for sharing the wonderful, unique and gifted person – your father Michael Spencer. As you so much do so it is with all of us here – we already miss him greatly….. you, your mother and sister and other close family especially do in ways we can’t know yet all of us share this loss all that comes with it emotionally and otherwise to some degree or another. Know that all of us here love your family and you’re held up in prayer and will continue to be in the coming days, weeks, months – during the long quiet days when it seems all is forgotten – please know it’s not all forgotten you have a very large extended family here via this site and rest assured – nothing will be forgotten!


  22. Looks like it’s becoming the “Internet Monastery.”

    This is wonderful news!

  23. Anonymouse says

    I cry, I smile, and I cry again.

    When I sent Denise a card late last year, with all she was dealing with, she replied with a beautiful note.

    Denise and family, my heart breaks for your earthly pain and sorrow. Praise God that we will all one day be united in our true home, in our Father’s mansion.

    But, for now and for some time ahead, we will cry, tears will pool in our eyes, for we will miss the singular voice, mind, and spirit of our brother Michael Spencer.

    And, with heartfelt GRATITUDE!, I take comfort in knowing that “Team iMonk” will ensure there’s a blog post for us to read on April 9th. I’m so glad this community I found barely a year ago will continue to encourage me as my Protestant/RCC/Orthodox self continues to worship the Lord at a place where I can’t stand the “smarmy”, whiny, “me-me-me” worship music, but love our pastor’s preaching.

    Michael Spencer, thank you for encouraging me to return to a part of my Lutheran roots, re-open the ALC red hymnal, incorporate both RCC and Orthodox prayers into my daily quiet time (I’m working on Vespers… still not faithful in that yet), and I plan to buy one of Alan’s 10-prayer-beads rosary as well as pre-order your book (Father God, please relay all of this to iMonk.).

    Oh, Michael, I miss your voice so!!

    Community, if there might be a real-world meeting, can we do an Evensong service?

    Denise, Michael was my husband’s age. I am praying for you.

    Thank you all for leading me even closer to Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


  24. Really glad to hear that Mike’s work for God is to continue.

    I only found this site last year – new to Christianity and searching – i was fortunate enough to find myself here and I have stayed.

    Sad as Mike’s death is – his word and work lives on and will be continued by others, inspired by the Holy Spirit and perhaps Mike’s spirit to continue.

    Only Good can come from Good.

  25. I’m glad to hear this.

    Can’t think of anything better to say at this time.

  26. I am glad this site will continue. I only discovered it a short time ago, but it has been heartening to read!

    More importantly, I am glad there is a plan to keep the project generating some income for Denise. What a fantastic idea. Bless you all.

    • Headless Unicorn Guy says

      More importantly, I am glad there is a plan to keep the project generating some income for Denise.

      My writing partner (the burned-out country preacher) has told me horror stories about his denomination’s pastors’ widows having to eat out of dumpsters.

      “The LORD Will Provide (TM)” and “I’ll Pray For You (TM)” just don’t cut it when you’re reduced to dumpster-diving.

      • The Guy from Knoxville says

        HUG…… I don’t think that will happen in this case at all – no one here or in Kentucky will let that happen! God will indeed provide. Coming from an SBC background I’m more than familiar with how SBC churches have treated pastors and their families and it is, without question, one of the blackest, ugliest marks on their history. I saw this first hand at my home church in my younger days growing up there. It would take longer than we have here to be detailed about it.

        So bad does this horrid aspect of church dealings with pastors and their families bother me that when I even think back (even this moment) I get almost raging angry at what was done to a good man, his wife and daughter……!@@#$#*(~! ……. This is not the time or place for it but later after we all get through this period in time there will be opportunity to speak of it and if you’re just that curious my email is

  27. Internet Monk is sort of a “right place, right time” story. Michael started blogging at a time that I was using the Internet everyday but didn’t even know what a blog was. Very few people did. The iMonk site grew as blogging grew, and this (combined with a brilliant mind and excellent writing) allowed him to become a giant in the religious blog community. I don’t think a person could start a new blog today and ever get that same status, not in a world of 130 million blogs.

    Even as we grieve the loss of Michael himself, I’m glad to see the proverbial reigns taken up by Jeff, Mike and company. Thanks Jeff for saying that Michael graduated; I believe you read my post. This will be his legacy. I look forward to it guys.

  28. i’ll add my thanks as well. may God bless you, and all who read and ponder the thoughts

  29. Thank you so much. I’ve read something of Michael’s almost every day for the past 8 years. I’ve missed him and worried about him for the past few months. I’m grieved by his passing, and have been dreading the complete silence that I assumed would follow. All I can say is thanks. I’m so glad that this work of his will not disappear.

    • Hi Dana – you hit the nail on the head. I would have disliked Michael’s stirring words and the community building spirit of this site to be replaced by silence. Maintaining and building the i-Monastry (credit to Sean above) as a community, and to the benefit of Denise, is a good thing.

  30. Well there you go. Our God is an awesome God! This has made my day!!

    And now for something completely different- I watched “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” the other night. I needed to laugh.

  31. I am like all of you, feeling loss, feeling blest by having benefited by Michael’s teaching. Truly he has been for me a comforting and encouraging voice in the wilderness of my life experience. This “seed” has died and fallen to the ground but in its dying shall bear much fruit. Thanks so much guys, for keeping this going.

  32. Michael would be so honored to see “Jesus-shaped spirituality” lived out in such a way that will care for his widow. Thank you.

  33. I have not followed Michael’s writing for as long as others who have commented here but when I came to this party it was like drinking from a fire hydrant on a July day in Chicago. Water, very cool and refreshing water that had the feel of of clean, pure drink of truth. I wrote to Michael and began one of these now very common Internet friendships. I had hoped to meet him in person but this will have to await the new heavens and the new earth I guess. He was clearly a man who knew how to touch the heart and mind at the same time and in a powerful way. I miss him already but rejoice that you are keeping this great site alive. This legacy needs to continue, not for Michael but for Christ and His Kingdom. Michael’s voice should live on in many other gifted voices who rallied around his insights and his ministry of writing in this new and important venue. He was, and this can be overused, a real pioneer. I owe him a debt of love. Our hearts are with you all in Kentucky this weekend.

    • Headless Unicorn Guy says

      Internet Monk had his head screwed on straight.

      After all the Christian Crapola I’ve experienced, THAT was a welcome change.

  34. Carmichael says

    This is good news. I’d like to second the motion, which I’ve seen several times, that you please make the early radio-podcasts available again. Thanks and blessings.

  35. I am so grateful this site will continue.

  36. GranpaJohn says

    I have just arrived back at OBI minutes ago. Knowing he is not physically here affects my perception. I have known Michael for the last four years, both online and at the campus. He graciously invited me to preach several times and his personal encouragement lifted me through my own trials. Each of us has a part to play in God’s plan. Michael has set all of this in motion so we might be willing to do ours.
    As I examine Michael’s effect and ministry in my life, I desire more of the Jesus shaped spirituality he sought and now knows.
    It is enough that the disciple be as his Master and the servant as his Lord. Continuing what God has allowed through Michael will cause many others to desire to be more like their Lord as well.

    My love in Christ goes to each of you who contriute and participate and lurk.

  37. Rob Grayson says

    AWESOME!! Thanks so much for curating and extending Michael’s legacy.

  38. O frabjous day! Rock on, guys! I’ll keep coming back, that’s fer shure! It’ll give me something to look forward to, again…

  39. Well, this may just be the best news I’ve heard all week. 🙂

  40. I am grateful beyond words that this good and very necessary work will continue. Thank you Jeff and Chaplain Mike and the many others. As some of my friends say, and as I truly believe about this site, “it is a God thing.” Actually, it’s a God and Jesus thing and praise Him that it will continue. May it grow and reach many to the glory of our Lord.

  41. I’ve been silent, during much of this. Not because of lack of caring, but heart ache, and knowing that a cousin is in a similar situation, but with very different life choices.

    I’m so thankful that this community is continuing.

  42. Christopher Lake says

    I’m glad to hear of the site continuing too– and excited about future publications of Michael’s writings! Obviously, no one else will ever be just what Michael was to us, but I am encouraged by the fact that his vision will be carried on here.

  43. Hey, Jeff – I worked as a word processor/proofreader for 25 years before my job was outsourced, and have loads of experience (not to mention free time!). If there’s any way at all I can help out, please let me know – I’d love to be of use to the site that has meant so much to me. Thanks. Christine 🙂