September 20, 2020

An Invitation from John Armstrong

My friend John Armstrong has a heart that those of us from different traditions in the Church will increasingly come together to serve the world with God’s love and the Good News of the Kingdom. His ministry, ACT 3, exists to equip leaders for unity in Christ’s mission. One of John’s primary activities these days is gathering people together for a special educational and motivational opportunity — he calls them ACTS 3 Cohort groups (click HERE to watch a video about them).

John is forming groups now for 2012-2013, and asked if I would help him get the information out. So, here it is, starting with a personal note from John himself, and then after the jump, information about the groups.

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I have recently shared with many of you how God has been pleased to give me a fourth quarter life-vision for ACT 3’s purpose of “equipping leaders for unity in Christ’s mission.” This new vision is to mentor leaders, both lay and ministerial, through a series of missional-ecumenical cohort groups gathered around the country. These groups are intentional small groups focused on mission, joined across traditional denominational boundaries, for the kingdom of Christ.

These training sessions are four day-long meetings, spread over the course of eight months, shared with other Christians committed to understanding and pursuing these same goals together. If you are interested, then please read on, and register online. It is imperative that you sign up and begin this process soon. Please feel free to contact me directly. These cohort groups include 1,200 pages of carefully selected reading, personal interaction with group members through a web-based (password protected) site and the opportunity to become part of growing network of focused missional practitioners around North America.

These cohort groups are unique. I know this because I have taught this material in seminary and college settings only to see very few students really embrace this teaching in their daily practice. As I analyzed this failure to see transformation I went back to basics and asked, “How can I give this vision to people who will be transformed in both thought and practice?” This led me to prayerfully explore how I could communicate this life-changing content and experience so that a growing missional-ecumenical movement might spread to every part of the church in our contemporary context. I believe the answer God gave to me is this missional-ecumenical cohort training experience.

Pleases read on if you are interested. (If you cannot afford the price please contact me to talk about scholarship options.) My life is deeply committed to those people who want to share with me in this journey in the years ahead.


John H Armstrong
President, ACT 3
Carol Stream, IL 60188

ACT 3 Missional-Ecumenical Cohort

The ACT 3 Missional-Ecumenical Cohort group might be the very kind of leadership training experience that you need to jump start your journey into a new stage of growth.

The ACT 3 Cohort is an eight-month learning process than involves various educational styles, small groups, intense discussions and intentional accountability. The group includes clergy and non-clergy, men and women. Members come from many church backgrounds and denominations, which provides a unique opportunity for learning.

These all-day sessions meet from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. Attendance is mandatory to share in a Cohort group. Dr. Armstrong will personally be present to lead each meeting. Specific locations will be chosen (in most cases) when the group size is determined.

Cohort members will read approximately 300-plus pages of material before each meeting. They will discuss these readings and interact with guest presenters on related content.

These sessions are not formal lectures but a dynamic, life-changing process that encourages learning through active participation. Friendships will be established and grow. This is a continuing education experience designed with no academic pre-requisites, only a profound commitment to learn and grow in Christ’s love and mission.

Extensive information is available at The total cost is $1,200. (Chicago members pay $1,000 because there is no travel expense for the leader.) Reasonable payment plans are available. Contact us for more information. Payments can be spread out over nine months. Contact ACT 3 if you would like to know more after you’ve visited the website.

Dr. John H. Armstrong, a seasoned teacher, author and mentor, will facilitate a Cohort group in five different locations in 2012-13:

September 17
November 26
January 28
April 8

September 20
November 29
January 31
April 11

October 1
December 3
February 4
April 22

September 24
December 17
February 25
April 29

September 26
December 19
February 27
May 1

Visit the ACT3 website to learn more.