September 21, 2020

An Analysis of the Emerging Church

UPDATE: Check out the “Emeghing Remix” of the same video.

OK…What a humorless crowd we’ve got around here. I’m not serious. This guy is, but this “analysis” is awful, though unfortunately is typical for many emerging critics.

Several of you have asked for information on the Emerging Church. This comprehensive look at the Emerging Church should answer all your questions. Please take notes and all your questions will be answered in the comments.

I especially feel his analysis of “beat” music is important.


  1. I’m waiting for the music video version – I could really dig this guy if the video was cut to a good techno beat. And my goodness…the graphics. His video has graphics. Wow!

  2. Fremen_Warrior66 says

    Is this supposed to be a joke? I didn’t learn anything concerning the emerging church from this except that its run by younger people. Some more information concerning doctrine and practices would have been helpful. This is all really vague stuff. Maybe I’m just biased since I’m a teenager, but I really don’t believe myself to be stupid.

  3. It’s humorous, but I’d like to keep that under the radar.

  4. I don’t find this guy funny at all. His arrogance scares me; I hope he’s just some loudmouth know-it-all and not an actual deacon, elder or God forbid, pastor of the church. Oh, and yeah, I’m young and stupid. What was that line again about the kingdom of heaven belonging to children?

  5. Humor….humor…..humor…..

  6. chrisstiles says

    Intended by you .. but by the author? If i close my, eyes I’m back in a certain pentecostal church (I’m in the UK).

  7. Wow.

  8. michael, thanks for this informative video! after viewing this, i’ve decided to “convert” to “emergentism”.

    sarcasm aside, i wonder how or if this guy interprets 1 timothy 4:12?

    btw, i am heavily involved in an emergent/missional church. it’s an experience that eludes nice and neat definition, doctrine, etc. i can assure everyone here that this guy is probably *not* joking (i’ve heard similar “critiques” before), yet nevertheless has no earthy idea about the emerging church whatsoever.

  9. The scary thing is this guy could get some run among traditionalists just because he speaks with a Brit accent. One of the things I found funny about the video was his choice of wardrobe. Doesn’t this guy know that only a coat and tie is acceptable apparel for a man of God? That jogging suit he’s wearing (I think that’s what it was) is a sure sign he’s on the slippery slope.

  10. Yeah, this guy is a crack up. It’d be even funnier if I hadn’t spent years with someone very similar but more convincing.

    He’s oblivious of the fact that though some are older and in control doesn’t mean they are wise and right.

    Another false assumption is that the way he and much of the institutional church are doing things is Christ’s way. You think Jesus would minister the westernized, institutional, clergy-centered way we’ve chosen?

    Of course, I still feel free to follow the Spirit to where he’s leading. The video only adds fuel to the fire.

    Thanks Michael.

  11. He may not have a point, but he points towards one alerting characteristic of ECs…the lack in many churches of older, more seasoned members. Though he believes its b/c of “youthful rebellion”, I think it is just because they don’t like the fancy coffee us youngsters drink…

  12. Why don’t you join in the craze & post a video response. I’ve searched youtube for permutations of imonk, spencer, etc. but nothing comes up.

  13. All right, all right Michael. That part about “beat music” was funny in retrospect. I guess you have to laugh to keep from shaking your head. I mean, seriously, rhythm is the devil’s music? What misdirected time machine did he fall out of? And rock n’ roll music is chock full of subversive Satanic backmasking, too.

  14. Below is the correct response to this:

    Do not repay evil for evil or reviling for reviling, but on the contrary, bless, for to this you were called, that you may obtain a blessing.
    —1 Peter 3:9

  15. While accepting your brotherly correction to what could be malicious sarcasm, I have to disagree as to what a humorous response actually means. A serious response would be to take a very un-serious analysis seriously.(And persecution is what the words of Jesus are framed in response to, not ignorant misrepresentation.) This isn’t persecution of the emerging church. This is a guy who hasn’t read a book or done any research sitting in front of his computer talking to the air like an expert. His ignorance should be pointed out without doing him harm, i.e. book of Proverbs.

    Poking him as a bit of humorous example of faux expertise is hardly doing him evil or reviling him.

    At times and speaking for myself, I’m quite torn between the humility of gentle humor, and the pride of a too serious response.

  16. Dan left a similar comment @ on my post which linked to this post. I responded with a rather long-winded (no shock there) post that questions whether sarcasm, parody and satirical video mashups are appropriate for Christians – assuming emehgingchuwch is a Christian.

    It gave me the opportunity to point to Galations 5:12 and also mention Chesterton and Waugh – which is always fun. (Don’t tell anyone they were both Catholic Christians, please.)

  17. Again, I appreciate Dan and his brotherly correction.

    But this video presents a man pretending to speak intelligently on a subject he knows nothing about. He is selling his ignorance as Biblical truth. He is, in ignorance, portraying good people as “stupid.” (His word)

    The ignorance is so deep that it parodies itself. And the reason I have it up is to demonstrate that some of those making the loudest noise about knowing the emerging church don’t know any more than I know about brain surgery.

    The problem is poised wrongly if it is “Why don’t you go to him personally?” or “Why don’t you treat the guy in a loving manner?” In this big extended family of ours, putting that video out to demonstrate the levels of sad ignorance that pretend to be authorities in this discussion is kind, brotherly and loving.

    I am not calling this man names or belittling him. He’s selling himself. In a discussion that ultimately has to do with the shape of the church in the next generation, the Barny Fife’s of the internet need to be put up where we can see and hear them.

  18. I was amazed to learn that hard drives slow down as they get full. I’m not sure which amazed me more: the utter nonsense of that statement, or the idea that he considers his brain “almost full.”

    It is universally known and understood that old people know everything. Everybody knows it.

  19. Histrion (Jay H) says

    Michael writes: I am not calling this man names […] the Barny Fife’s of the internet need to be put up where we can see and hear them.

    I feel that it would be improper of me not to point out, as lovingly as possible, that you just called him a name.