June 4, 2020

Alastair Represents Wright; Ascol Calls for Truth

Paul for Everyone: Romans: Chapters 9-16 (for Everyone)Alastair at Adversaria has written a detailed, important and comprehensive post on Why is Wright Misrepresented and Misunderstood by so many of his Reformed Critics? It’s a monster of good post that you must read if you are interested in Bishop Wright’s contribution to theology and the judgement of many in the reformed community that Wright is a heretic on many different doctrines.

Alastair has made Wright a major component of his studies, but he has also analyzed the responses to Wright. Of course, he will be savaged for saying that some Wright critics are in over their heads and for other blunt assessments. Alastair isn’t a polemicist. He’s a calm and reasonable voice in the blogosphere. His indictment of the misrepresentation of Wright is going to be controversial. Coming out at the very moment that John Piper has announced his intention to take down Wright’s view of justification, it’s an important post.

Opposition to Wright is rapidly becoming a badge of reformed orthodoxy. Is that the correct road? Alastair says no. Read for yourself.

Read: Why is Wright Misrepresented and Misunderstood by so many of his Reformed Critics?

Meanwhile, Director of Founder’s Ministries Tom Ascol shoots straight at the misrepresentation of SBC pastors who spoke against a resolution requiring all SBC leaders to be teetotalers (a resolution aimed squarely at those who use wine in communion and believe the Bible’s message of moderation.) At the end, Ascol says what this web site has said repeatedly:

What was the conservative resurgence all about? Was it not a fight to recover full commitment to the authority and accuracy of the Bible as the Word of God written? I say this reverently but with genuine concern as one who loves and seeks the welfare of the SBC: What difference does it make whether or not we have an inerrant Bible if our leaders are allowed to ignore and violate its teachings and to do so in the very public forum of our denominational journal? We have every right to expect more from champions of inerrancy.


  1. I just watched the recording Tom Ascol linked to, and Mr. Welch’s comments in his letter are totally off base. Only one of the opponents of the resolution, that I remember, stated that he drank alcohol at all. And the very first opponent gave a rather moving testimony of his father’s suffering and demise due to alcoholism.

    Of course, as I’ve seen personally, the assumption many seem to have is that, if you don’t oppose alcohol, you’re probably a drinker yourself, and you’re justifying your drinking.

    One of my friends has stated that he tries to avoid discussing the issue at all, because if you try to reason with someone that alcohol is not inherently evil, they will usually just “turn off.” In fact, I was actually told by a Sunday School teacher that the problem was I was reading Scripture too “intellectually” rather than “with my heart.”

    I also appreciated the point made by the first opponent about gluttony being a sin. Oddly, while obesity is being called an epidemic in our society, and is also killing people, I have yet to hear anyone who preaches against alcohol preach against overeating!

  2. Jason S. Kong says

    By the way, where did John Piper make this intention? Is it the sermon he gave on justification just recently? That’s the closest thing I could locate on his ministry’s webpage.

  3. Jason:

    You can find Piper’s comments here with a link to the whole article: