October 21, 2020

Alan Creech Stuff + Gangstas and Untouchables

acOur friend Alan Creech has three items of interest.

First, Alan Creech Rosaries Aids to Prayer, like Ropes and Little Beads, has a new web site. Easier to navigate, RSS feed, all the whistles and bells.

Second, Alan is doing a podcast on spiritual formation. It’s called Oremus and many of you who pray the hours, etc will enjoy it. You can subscribe via iTunes.

Finally, if you like what you see on Alan’s pages, remember that he’s doing freelance web design for a living. He’s got a very distinctive style that’s clean and elegant. He’s a real artist in this medium. Consider employing him for your site. He does personal and commercial work. You can see his work and business here.

For those of you who wonder, the Liturgical Gangstas and the Evangelical Untouchables will return as summer ends.


  1. Papist. 😉

  2. I’ve been wondering about the Ganstas. I miss those discussions.

    Creech’s series on spiritual formation sounds great, but I have this thing about podcasts. I can’t explain it, other than to say I just prefer to read my interwebs.

  3. Thanks, O great iPimp! ha! I appreciate the links. Only one correction – the new podcast is Oremus, meaning “let us pray” – mostly about liturgical prayer but I’ll also end up talking about other “monastic practices” for those of us who live outside the monastery walls. Thanks again!

    “Aids to Prayer” — nice. 😉

  4. Everyday Mommy readers get a 20% discount.

  5. I too was wondering. Just not feeling the IM love.