October 20, 2020

Advertisers: Here’s the Reason Why You Should Be On Internet Monk.com

New data: I’m the #6 in the Christian blogosphere according to the 6 point rating system at ChurchRelevance.com.

Headed for 700,000 unique visitors this year, with a current Technorati rank of just over 2000. That’s in the world. (There is an error at Church Relevance. Alexa says I had 20,000+ unique visitors in July. That’s not correct. In July I had 58107 uniques and 454,000 unique visitors as of today.) That’s with 29 million hits. Last year: 44 million. Almost 6 million page views so far this year.

We have the most diverse audience in the blogosphere. No mere echo chamber, but independent thinkers from every tradition.

I can’t promise your ad will result in anything for you, but I can promise that associating with Internet Monk.com is an investment that places your product, ministry or cause in one of the best possible places to raise your visibility. You’ll get great placement on the front page and weekly plugs on the podcast.

So come on New Living Translation 🙂 You know you want to 🙂


  1. Tim VanHaitsma says

    You even have number of atheist watching on a regular basis.

  2. New Reformation Press has really benefitted from our exposure here at IM. We get solid traffic and this has helped grow our business to the next level. We are glad to be able to support Michael in his ministry and he is a sponsor’s dream. He is easy to work with and very supportive. He is also very diligent in promoting our products and getting our name out there.

    The cost is extremely reasonable for the exposure we get, and the money we spend here gives us the best return on our advertising dollars.

    If you have a business that would appeal to Michael’s audience, you owe it to yourself to drop him an email.

  3. HAHAHAHAHA!!! I needed a good laugh this morning. This is great…especially the last line.

  4. Alexa numbers will be off because they only track real numbers with their toolbar and then extrapolate from there. Since the toolbar is really only popular with those who use an older version of Internet Explorer (and I don’t think it can be installed with Vista), your numbers will be skewed.

  5. Haha–yes, we do know it. Let’s talk =)

  6. Congratulations