January 23, 2021

iTunes Problem Returns +Advent Blog Now Open

After reinstalling OS X and two days of problem free operation, iTunes is now crashing again after one bounce of the icon on the dock. Get info works and I’ve done nothing to the computer in the last two days.

So if anyone can give me any advice on fixing it, I’m all ears. (I’ve tried everything suggested in the previous thread.)

If you are a Mac geek and have some time tomorrow after 3 EST, I can get on AIM. Write me.

Every year for the past three years, several of the BHT fellows have blogged during advent at “go to bethlehem and see.” a blog devoted to advent.

That blog is now open, and I invite you to add it to your rss feed. I’ll also encourage contributors to update on Twitter.

We try to keep things “Advent centered” and not Christmas centered. Your comments are welcome.


  1. This is a kind of primitive way to do it, but one way of transferring your iTunes library from computer to computer is to locate the “iTunes library” folder manually (should be in the Music folder – it is on my Mac), transfer the whole thing to an external hard drive and simply drag and drop the folder into iTunes on the other computer. Just open the program and drop it in there. If you have a big library it’ll take a while for the computer to organize it.

  2. Yeah…i just found out my library is too large. Ugh. Looks like a month long break from my itunes music library 🙂

  3. You could get an iPod, you know, and listen to the stuff that way.. 🙂

  4. I have an ipod, but how can I use it without itunes?

  5. I just noticed that I have a folder in my iTunes folder that says “Previous iTunes Libraries” If you have it, you might be able to hide your newest (too big) library, and revert to a previous one. (or just delete it, so you can get going, then re-build it)

    A possibility.

  6. Wow, sorry I wasn’t around to help out – assuming you haven’t added any system add-ons or hacks (i.e. InputManager extensions, SIMBL plugins, or APE modules) I wonder if the problem might be a corrupt iTunes preference file – have you tried completely deleting iTunes and doing a clean reinstall?

    You also might have some iTunes plug-ins installed (in “Your Home Folder”/Library/iTunes/iTunes Plug-Ins) that could be causing issues – it’d be worthwhile to try removing those.

    Finally, you could have a corrupted iTunes Library.xml file; deleting that might be helpful, too.

  7. Floola only works on older iPod versions. I use Floola with my 2nd generation Nano, but Michael’s iPod is brand new so it’s not an option.

    Moving an entire library via external hard drive does take some time, but it might be worth having it backed up to keep from losing everything. I transfered a friend’s entire library (40 gigs) from an external drive onto my desktop computer. We simply left for a few hours to do something else and let the computer work.

    One might also try getting a PC and buying a Zune.

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