January 22, 2021

A Special Offer to IM Readers and Friends from Jason Boyett

Jason Boyett is an outstanding author of helpful, practical, humorous books, several of which have been published by Relevant books. He’s a regular writer at Relevant Magazine, a guest blogger at the BHT and a friend of this web site. He’s got a great deal for those of you who could use his well-written, informative and very fun to read Pocket Guide To The Bible. Really, if you have a youth group or young adult group doing intro to the Bible type stuff, take a look at this. It’s great counterpoint to the overly academic, bore-you-to-tears approach.

Here’s Jason:

Hi. With the iMonk’s permission, I’d like to hijack your browsing experience for a few moments. Back in 2006, Michael Spencer was kind enough to review my book Pocket Guide to the Bible with some very gracious comments and praise. I was especially happy with statements like “as a professional communicator with young people, this book is gold for me.” Of all the people who reviewed it, the iMonk probably showed the best understanding of what I was actually trying to accomplish via a funny, sarcastic, entertaining-while-educating book about the Bible. Our cyber-relationship goes back as far as my 2005 Pocket Guide to the Apocalypse, which he endorsed on the back cover. Thank you, Michael, for your long-time support of my books and writing career.

OK. Now I’ll stop buttering up the host and get to the point. My Pocket Guide publisher, Relevant Books, is no longer in the book publishing business, though my titles have continued to sell through their back catalog. So recently I signed a deal to relaunch the Pocket Guide series with Jossey-Bass. We’re planning on a three-book release in the summer of 2009. Two of those books will be brand-new. The third book will be a revised and repackaged edition of Pocket Guide to the Bible.

In order to do this, I had to buy back the rights I’d sold Relevant for the first printing of PGTTB. Without getting into a whole lot of author/publisher/contractual mumbo-jumbo, here’s what I had to do to get my book back: I had to buy the entire inventory of PGTTBs held in the Relevant warehouse. A quantity of 9,053 books. Four pallets. 200+ boxes of books.

That’s a lot of books. Pretty much a two-car garage full.

The good news is that I got to buy the books at far, far below the list price of $11.99. The other good news is that they’re mine — all mine — and I can sell them to you at a ridiculous price. So that’s what I’m gonna do. For individual purchases, it’s just $6.99 a book. If you want to buy in bulk for a ministry or Bible class or as giveaways, I’ll sell a carton of 48 or more for $3.99 a book. And every single book you buy from me will be signed. Personally. With a nice note.

It’s a good deal. If you’ve been waiting these last two years for the price to drop on Pocket Guide to the Bible — and I’m sure you have — then this is what you’ve been waiting for. You can buy the books through my blog at blog.jasonboyett.com. I’m set up with Paypal, so credit cards and Paypal accounts are accepted. The new version of the book won’t come out for a year, so in the meantime I’m trying to move as many of this first edition as possible.

That’s it. My shameless grubbing for your hard-earned dollars is over. Thanks, iMonk, for renting out your space for advertising purposes. A sack of White Castle deliciousness will be delivered to your door within the next 3-5 business days.


  1. Well, now I know where at least part of my economic stimulus package is going!

  2. Book is ordered – blog link posted to Facebook. Thanks for this update, Michael. I’ve had this book in my Amazon wish list for a while.

  3. Thank you, Michael.

  4. Jason,
    I’ve heard about this book, and have been planning on getting it. So, probably will do so in a couple of days. If it’s okay with you, I can also reference your deal from my blog site as well… not that I have anywhere close to as many visitors as the iMonk, but it might help.


  5. Nancy R. says

    Dang, and I bought this at full price 2 years ago (following Michael’s recommendation). No, I don’t regret my haste – it’s a great book!

  6. Order in! Hope it doesn’t get lost on its way across to the other side of the world….. Thanks Jason and thanks Michael!

  7. I just ordered a carton for my little ministry sending books to prisoners. Thanks for the great deal Jason. And to Michael for letting your readers know about this!

  8. K, I ordered a pair, and we’ve been using one of them for Family Devotions. (The other went to our youth pastor.) I’ve never seen the fam so Inspired and Enthused and Euthanized about the Christian life before, so I ordered up more copies– for each of the kids, and for my mother-in-law who asked for one but probably won’t get the humor.

    Oh Yes, ye must acquire this book. If for nothing else than for the biographical sketch of Jabez.

    -Jim Bob

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