January 15, 2021

A Special Challenge To Southern Baptists: Let’s Lead The Way In A Gospel Centered Direction.

A special message from Michael to all Southern Baptists in the IM audience: Let’s send an offering to our mission boards and lead the way in showing what Gospel centered sacrifice looks like.

SBC International Mission Board Give now to the Lottie Moon Offering.
SBC North American Mission Board. Give to the Annie Armstrong Offering.


  1. Yes, indeed.

  2. As a former missionary. PLEASE GIVE! BTW, do not skimp on the North American missionaries. They often get little respect and they have harder jobs than many overseas missionaries.

  3. Fred Hughes says

    Hey Michael, have you heard this news story? Maybe he could help some.


    Two guys have won the GA lottery and are splitting the prize money of $318 million. The younger guy is giving all of his money away. He hasn’t said how yet.

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