August 5, 2020

A Brilliant Slice O’ Parody + Misc

pizza.gifBrilliant. That’s all I can say. Absolutely brilliant. This parody of the “Slice o Bot” needs all you to blogroll it, pass it on and appreciate its wholesome goodness. The Onion has nothing on this site. Of course, it’s hard to top the original, no matter how hard you try.

On the personal side, I want to thank the folks at “The Catholic Guy” radio program on “The Catholic Channel” for a fun interview today on the heavy topic of Egg Nog addiction. The secret suffering needs to come out of the closet.

BHT Fellow Jim Nicholson is developing a Boar’s Head Tavern widget for Dashboard. My beta is awesome. Keep your ear to the ground for more information if and when it becomes available.

Andrew Sandlin has a new book that I haven’t read, but intend to. Its entire premise looks outstanding. Check it out.


  1. sliceolaodicea says

    Seriously thanks for the kind words. I have followed your blog for sometime and have enjoyed it greatly. Compliments from you are especially meaningful. Thanks also for the promo of my blog. For now, I am using a psudoname, Christen Guilder (an anagram). I have seen how the folks at SofL go after their critics and have already begun to feel the heat from some of their authors, even some semi-threats. Well anyway, thanks again.

    Grace and Peace,

  2. I honestly can’t read the real Slice or most of the TR watchbloggers that you reference here, Michael. They either scare me or make me want to weep.