January 28, 2021

A Guide For The Cussin’ Christian by leif rigney

cuss.jpgWith all the discussion of the horrors of bad language being tossed around the reformed Baptist watchblogosphere these days, I hate to tell everyone that the final word on this matter was written long ago, in the dim mists of time that began this blog.

Yes, one leif “Eric” rigney penned “A Guide For The Cussing Christian” and took my readers down a complete list of pros and cons, and did so with wit, humor and Christian thoughtfulness.

So if you are tired of a discussion that sounds like a convention of Pharisees debating whether popping a zit is working on the Sabbath, check out and pass along this “Best of InternetMonk.com” classic.

(Sorry for the missing picture. I removed the pictures for these older essays a while back.)

READ: “A Guide For The Cussing Christian” by Eric Rigney, M.A.


  1. What happened to Part 1 of Eric Rigney’s article?

  2. I’ll try and fix the link.

  3. Regarding cussing, This is my favorite take on the topic:

    The Unwritten LAWS OF ENGINEERING by W. J. KING
    Professor of Engineering University of California Los Angeles, California
    ASME International 345 East 47th Street New York, NY 10017-2392 U.S.A.

    A little profanity goes a long way. Engineering is essentially a gentleman’s profession, and it ill becomes a man to carry profanity to the point of becoming obnoxiously profane. Unfortunately, profanity is sometimes taken as a mark of rugged he-man virility, but any engineer with such an idea should realize that many a pimply, half-witted, adolescent street urchin will hopelessly outclass him in this respect. On the other hand, there is no reason why a man should be afraid to say “damn.” On appropriate occasions a good hearty burst of colorful profanity may be just a healthy expression of strong feelings. But there is never any occasion for the filthy variety of obscenity, and a really foul mouth will generally inspire nothing but contempt.


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