January 24, 2021

A Good Friday Prayer by Michael Spencer

Crucifixion, Bellini

Crucifixion, Bellini

Master, this day is our day to stand and look.

To be amazed and disturbed.

This is a day to put away glad songs, and to see the terrible cost of our salvation.

This is also a day to believe and to know what is demanded
in the Great Exchange at the heart of the Gospel.

Forgive me for living in the shadow of this bloody execution
as if it were religious art or a cultural symbol or the inspiration for music or preaching.

This is my life, my death, my sin and your love.

This is the beating of the heart of a Christian.

Give me grace to pause and look.

To see, feel, weep and above all, believe and keep on believing.

Through Jesus. Amen.


  1. Christiane says


  2. darkness so complete
    no light no word no shape
    pain attached to nothing
    but infinite, endless sinking

    behold the Lamb of God

  3. William Martin says

    AMEN, Pure gift Most Holy of all men, I bow in adoration.

  4. I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof.

  5. Beautiful! And what a beautiful icon. What a jarring dissonance, The Help of man expires alone taking centre stage over “high culture”, and manicured perfection portrayed in the background. No one noticing.

    Nothing changes except for those with “eyes to see”. I cry with doubting Thomas, my Lord & my God!

  6. Lord give us eyes to see, we Thomas’ who until we see the wounds in your hands will struggle with doubt. Us Peters who run away from you when you need us most. Us Judas’ who betray you with our sin. Lord have mercy.

  7. Phil Dickens says

    This is the glory of God. Not trumpets, lightning, armies of angels, or any display of power, just pure Love hanging on the cross for a sinner like me.

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