December 1, 2020

a fleeting thought…

'icy branches' photo (c) 2006, liz west - license:, february 7, 2012

i drove through the drive-thru, like you do
the girl smiled and said, “have a wonderful day”
and i said, “do you really mean that,
or are you just toying with my heart?”


  1. It’s Indiana. She probably meant it.

  2. I have often thought the same thing that you have, but have never said it. At work I often wish upon customers a nice evening when I’m done with their transactions. And, I truly mean it. In all honesty, though, I often don’t wish these sentiments upon those who are rude or demanding to me. And, these are the folks that I should truly be extending kindness toward.

  3. As a drive thru veteran of 6 years at IN-N-OUT, we were trained to say that. If we didn’t say “have a nice day” we’d get in trouble. Charity by force, though that’s not say we were against you having a nice.

    • Did you get sick of IN -N’- OUT working there all those years?

      This is the great question in my mind, of all the great questions in the universe;

      Could I work and IN-N’- OUT ans still love them the way I do now.


      Have a nice day. 😀

  4. I enjoy these fleeting thoughts you are posting, Chaplain Mike!