December 1, 2020

a fleeting thought…

'icy branches' photo (c) 2006, liz west - license:, february 5, 2012…

the east coast came to the midwest
a championship to seek
my son, who works downtown says
he hasn’t heard an “R” all week


  1. Joseph (the original) says

    go New ____________!

    yeah team!

    rah, rah, rah & all that crazy sports enthusiasm stuff!

    enjoy the game iMonkers…


  2. Now if only I could get our choir to sing with that New York accent. Hey, did you hear the one about the pirates from New York?

  3. I’m a college football guy….so I’ll pass…..


  5. I’ll give ya an aaaww right heeah buddy boy. Sorry, the Bronx jumped out of me. I have lots of history in NY. I still love the place and get a real kick out of hearing a bunch of the old clan anywhere outside of the city. It ain’t subtle!

  6. I had to think about this, Chaplain Mike. But being a Mainer, I AM one to drop my “Rs” too. So, make that “Maina.” 😉