October 21, 2020

A Dog Named Beau

This morning, Damaris shared a poem about taking in creation with the Creator. About relaxing and enjoying what the Lord made for us to enjoy. She suggested we might just take time to scratch a dog’s belly. Lean on a fence post. Do something that is not “productive” or “necessary.” We were encouraged to take a one-day Sabbath as the Lord ordained. Or, as Andy of Mayberry would say, “What’s your hurry?”

This reminded me of one of my favorite poems of all. This is not a good technical poem. Jimmy Stewart was no George Herbert. But it touches my heart every time I hear him read it, even more so after I put my border collie down last year.

Take time to listen and reflect. After all, what’s your hurry?

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=plsWZyslqVc’]