July 9, 2020

A Day At The Ol’ Ballyard

Update: Several people have let me know, through the comments and in emails directly to me (jeff@emoonpublishing.com) that they want to come, but the cost is a bit too high. I have found a way to get the cost down to $99. The seats will not be quite as good, but they are not in the upper deck. And you will not get a free Reds hat. But a complete meal at the incredible Montgomery Inn will still be included. So–are you in? Let me know!

We have received enough positive response to the suggestion we meet at a Cincinnati Reds game to 1) honor Michael Spencer, a lifelong Reds fan, and 2) get to meet one another in a fun way, that we are going to move forward with this.

We are looking at Sunday, June 13 as the first annual Internet Monk Day At The Reds. We could start by worshipping together at The Oaks, a church I wrote about recently located in Middletown, Ohio. Then it’s on to Great American Ballpark to watch the Reds take on the Kansas City Royals in a 1:10 game. (Yes, GregR, I chose this partly as a tip of the hat to you. No excuses–you will have to be there.) After the game, we will adjourn to one of the best restaurants in America, Montgomery Inn Boathouse, right on the Ohio River. They serve ribs so good that Johnny Carson and Bob Hope would have them shipped to California on a regular basis.

Oh, did I mention that this game is a Hat Day, and each person will get his or her own Cincinnati Reds hat?

The cost for the day is just $125.00. That includes good seats for the game and your complete meal (minus alcohol–you’re on your own for that). Any money left over goes to help fund this site–a worthy cause, as I’m sure you will agree.

So, check your schedules and let me know quickly if we can count you in. I will get back with you soon about how to pay, etc. Oh–I will be traveling the day before the game from Tulsa. That’s 762 miles away. So no excuses about not being able to make it because of the distance. The Cincinnati airport is right down the road. Southwest flies into Columbus and Indianapolis, both within 90 minutes. There are lots of hotels in and around Cincinnati. Bring the family and spend the day before at Kings Island, getting whiplash from the roller coasters.

We hope to see many of the IM family at this fun event. We will have some of our writers there for you to meet, and may have a few other surprises as well. And who knows? If we can meet in prayer before the game, the Reds just might actually win one for us.


  1. You flying or driving?

    • Driving. I always drive this route. I have done it close to 150 times over the past 35 years. I know people at the Starbucks and gas stations in Effingham, Illinois. Sad, isn’t it?

  2. Wish I could afford it — I’m in the Dayton metro. Maybe I’ll join you all for morning worship?

    • Maybe someone will help you out, Beau! Where are you in the Dayton area? (I was born in Lebanon and grew up in Centerville.)

      • I’d rather not post too much publicly. Let me do some checking into my status and maybe I can email you?

        • Beau, I am in the Dayton area too (Kettering). Visit my blog to get my contact information (look on the about page): http://peacefulwalk.wordpress.com. Please send me an email, I’d like to make contact with some local Internet Monk readers.

          • Thanks. I’ll email you soon. Life is fantastically hectic for me right now — I’ll get in contact with you soon. 🙂

  3. That would be one cool day ! Never been to a baseball game – in Australia they play Cricket.
    Enjoy the time of rememberance and fellowship!

    [my blog is now co-authored – so for the many who disagree with me, you may find the new author (an ex AOG church planter & pastor) refreshing – his 1st post is here:

    http://narrowseventhirteen.blogspot.com/2010/05/cultural-christianity.html ]

  4. Herb Melton says

    Southwest flies to Louisville, too. Airport is about the same distance from downtown Cincy.

  5. I’ll be there in spirit! Sadly, economic circumstances prevent me from making the trip 🙁
    Who knows? Maybe I’ll make a cheesy Youtube video for the event, since I can’t be there. It might actually make my account there somewhat useful XD

  6. Cynthia Jones says

    In response to: “And who knows? If we can meet in prayer before the game, the Reds just might actually win one for us.” *SIGH!* Unfortunately, it will probably take prayer during the worship service, immediately before the game, and all throughout the game for the Reds to pull it out of the hat! Don’t get me wrong. I AM a Reds fan. It’s just that it’s PAINFUL these days! I’m ALREADY starting to think, “Maybe next year” and we’re only one month into the season! Hmmm….. maybe the Bengals will do something for us this fall. Naaah………… THAT’s wishful thinking, too!

    At any rate, what a nice idea! I won’t be able to attend, but will do so in spirit!

  7. What a wonderful idea. Checking the calendar now. I know my son would love it.. and even better, my wife would understand.

  8. Jeff: thanks SO MUCH for getting this together. I would literally give blood to be there, but I dont think it’s happening this year. If this becomes an annual event, and I hope it does, I will make plans on next year. I hope you guys have a great time, and hopefully they will invoke some kind of mercy rule when the score gets to be Reds 57….Royals 3; Of course if Grienke pitches, the score will be Reds 2, Royals 0

    God bless and give rest to you and yours
    Greg R

    • Jeff Dunn says

      Ah Greg, you will be missed! If I can get up to KC this summer, perhaps we can meet up for some Arthur Bryant’s and baseball…and if you are ever down Tulsa way, let me know!

  9. I plan on being at the game for sure and hope I can make it to the morning service. How do I get the $99.00 to someone? John Simpson

    • Jeff Dunn says

      I will email you tomorrow (I hope!), John. Looking forward to having you with us. Go Reds!