December 4, 2020

A Blessed Christmas to You from Internet Monk

Nativity, Gerard Horenbout (1517)



  1. Merry Christmas IM! Thank-You to all for what you have written & shared. I am grateful for how you have helped me to sort through much confusion & hurt, bringing me back to the Lord, who is merciful & full of grace. Bless you for blessing me. Here is to 2013!

  2. Christmas Blessings from all of us here at Broken Road Radio …to the staff and commentors, all of you. Thanks you for what you give all year long. You comprise a bright spot amidst the darkness and confusion of a condemned world. Keep the lower lights burning! 🙂

  3. Happy Christmas Chaplain Mike, Jeff, Martha, the Synonymous Rambler, Lisa, et al. And Eagle, and Dumb Ox and Headless, and all you other folks.

  4. Randy Thompson says

    Merry Christmas to all, and God bless us, every one—from all of us in New Hampshire!

  5. Merry Christmas to u guyz.. From Indonesia.. Jesus Bless us..

  6. Merry Christmas! From Brazil!
    Grace and Peace!

  7. Very fascinating painting. There are several details that I find curious. Does anyone know where I could find a critique of the painting which might provide some insight into its composition? For example, why do Mary and the Christ child appear to be perch on the rim of a chasm? Why is Jesus depicted lying on the ground, rather than in a manger?

    • Nevermind. I found a wider photo of the painting. What I was seeing was the molding around the pillars in the foreground. A fantastic painting. I particularly like the shadowy image of Joseph guarding the doorway, holding a lamp.

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