December 3, 2020

Sunday with Walter Brueggemann: On Changing the Subject

Enclosed Wheat Field with Peasant. Van Gogh

Sunday with Walter Brueggemann
On Changing the Subject

The test and norm is the reality of Jesus. Look at Jesus, because Jesus confronts all the throne talk of the world. You want to know about joy, and well-being, and truth, and goodness. Look at Jesus. Not being served, but serving. I have no doubt that the world depends on Jesus. I have no doubt that on a day-to-day basis, the world depends on the Jesus people who give their lives. What else would you do but give your life? Would you keep and save your life and let it grow sour? No, give it as a ransom. Think this day about being in another conversation, another community, another cup, another baptism. We are at a crucial moment in our society. In this moment, we are given a glimpse of a more excellent way. Local churches, local conversations, local servanthood, local giving, local cups to drink, local baptisms to live, local ways of being faithful and joyous, local ways of power for life. The story in Mark 10:35–45 begins with greedy thrones. By the end of the story, the subject is changed. Now the subject is servanthood and healing and ransom. What a way to be first and great! Come and have your subject changed.

A Gospel of Hope, pp. 54-55


  1. “The way is narrow that leads to life, few there be who find it.”. May the Lord have mercy on me.