January 15, 2021

Some Peaceful Landscapes for Monday

Some Peaceful Landscapes for Monday
A Photo Gallery: Chicago Botanic Garden

Please enjoy these images, taken over the weekend on our visit to the Chicago Botanic Garden. May the God of beauty enhance your peace of mind and spirit today.

(Click on each picture for larger image)


  1. Beautiful and encouraging! Thank you.

  2. Ronald Avra says

    Nice pics. It takes a considerable amount of work to maintain gardens in that state. Nature is very rarely so demarcated, fertilized and watered.

  3. Christiane says



    (reminds me of the Botanical Gardens in Norfolk VA)

  4. A body of water and a clear blue sky. Sometimes I wonder why I live in the city.

  5. senecagriggs says

    A beautiful song by Madison Cunningham – “Little things with Great Love” God’s garden


    • Christiane says

      Thank you, Senecagriggs

      very meaningful, very beautiful lyrics in that hymn:

      “In the garden of our Savior no flower grows unseen
      His kindness rains like water on every humble seed
      No simple act of mercy escapes His watchful eye
      For there is One who loves me
      His hand is over mine

      In the kingdom of the heavens no suffering is unknown
      Each tear that falls is holy, each breaking heart a throne
      There is a song of beauty in every weeping eye
      For there is One who loves me
      His heart, it breaks with mine

      O the deeds forgotten, O the works unseen
      Every drink of water flowing graciously
      Every tender mercy You’re making glorious
      This You have asked of us:
      Do little things with great love
      Little things with great love

      At the table of our Savior, no mouth will go unfed
      And His children in the shadows stream in and raise their heads
      O give us ears to hear them, and give us eyes that see
      For there is One who loves them. I am His hands and feet?”

  6. Thank you for these images. I am from Redding, California where the Carr Fire and other fires have destroyed so much of our beauty in the last few weeks–not to mention the horrible toll on homes and lives. These photos serve as a gentle reminder that God is still in control, and this too shall pass, and God can create beauty once again from the ashes. Hope…

  7. I just got back from backpacking with my sons in the Laurel Highlands of Western Pennsylvania… I truly appreciate green and enjoyed these shots. My favorite is the one with the red plants and the weeping willows (the dirtiest of trees but beautiful when in someone else’s yard) – great contrasts.

    Give me a big tree to sit under with view of a tree filled valley and lots of colorful foliage and I will sit there all day lazily sucking in the oxygen and relaxing……

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