December 2, 2020

15th Sunday after Trinity: Pic & Cantata of the Week

More or less. Photo by Peter Bailey

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Shout for joy to God in every land!
All the creatures contained in heaven and earth
must exalt his glory,
and to our God we would

now likewise bring an offering
since in affliction and distress
at all times he has stood by us.

• Soprano Aria from BWV 51

A Beloved Cantata for a Beloved Season

This beautiful solo cantata must be rated among the greats of the cantatas and has certainly been a favourite with audiences and record companies. There are many fine recordings available. It’s a brilliant, joyous exaltation in praise of God.

Simon Crouch

We begin autumn, my favorite season, with one of Bach’s most beloved cantatas, a solo cantata featuring remarkable virtuoso soprano singing. Its theme is pure praise, adoration, and the faithful heart pleading for even more of the spirit of praise and gratitude, culminating with a spectacular “Alleluia!” This cantata is not tied to any particular text for the day or season, but stands alone as a statement of praise.

Let the trumpets resound! Let beautiful voices rise in resplendent glory! Let us praise the God of all creation, the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Here are two of my favorite musicians of all time, Kathleen Battle and Wynton Marsalis, singing and playing the opening movement (words above) of BWV 51, Jauchzet Gott in allen Landen!” (Shout for joy to God in every land!)

And here is the final “Alleluia!” performed by Elizabeth Watts, with the English Concert:

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Photo by Peter Bailey at Flickr. Creative Commons License


  1. Susan Dumbrell says

    How can I keep from singing!

    Again, magnificent Bach.
    Kathleen Battle at her best and Wynton Marsalis at his very best.
    Listen, please listen IMonkers.
    Such praise of God.
    Alleluia. Shout for Joy!
    Come on IMonkers , let us raise the Alleluias.

    Oh, Sorry, you are deep in less inspiring music? Grr.

    Why does Chaplain Mike persevere with us!!

    Martin Luther is considering nailing more theses onto many of today’s church doors against, in particular the ‘modern’ version of church music, which lacks soul and purpose, to our reluctance to appreciate great music for the Church year.

    Christ is always risen. celebrate!!
    Gloom and doom and oh poor me the sinner singing, gives me the s……..!

    I am on my high horse today, come with me.
    Join the happy throng of those who find their redeemer in great music of all ages. Not just the latest ‘Christian’ jazz group with drums.
    Watch me dance in my kitchen!! A sight to behold but Bach does that for me.
    Try it. It grows on one.
    Dancing at breakfast with Bach!


  2. Susan Dumbrell says

    Wake up you sleepy heads, get up, get out of bed, live, love, laugh and be happy.
    Don’t let me be the only commentator every Sunday.

  3. Comment deleted.

    Others get moderated too, J. But only when they’re being asses. CM