December 5, 2020

Fridays with Damaris: Infinity

By Damaris Zehner

You tossed the earth
Into the oceans of space
Where it floated, glowing
Green against blackness.
From that tiny impact
Ripples circled outward,
Reaching warm fingers of water
Into the emptiness between the planets,
Lifting stars as lightly as
Drifting blossoms on their waves.
Not even at the farthest reaches
Of the universe do they ebb:
For against what rocky shore
Will love break, saying
I can go no farther?


  1. Ron Avra says

    Enjoyed those.

  2. Susan Dumbrell says

    Note from Moderator: edited for content.

    Thank you Damaris. Beautiful as always.
    My daughter is baptised Frances. She is an instrument of peace. She is a dedicated nurse. Bless her.
    Do keep up the wonderful times of quietness you offer in your work.
    My garden,my cats, the birds give me His peace.
    Thank you…

    May Christ bless me.

  3. Robert F says

    Thank you, Damaris.

  4. Damaris, beautiful writing as always. I am enjoying your book.

  5. Rick Ro. says

    –> “I have made the world in my own image.”

    Brilliant first line, one that compels the reader to read on.

  6. John Royse says

    Thank you Damaris, Infinity……

    Reminded me of another great poet, Bruce Cockburn:

    “God waves a thought like you’d wave your hand
    And the light goes on forever
    Through the seasons and through the seas
    The light goes on forever
    Through the burning and the seeding
    Through the joining and the parting
    The light goes on forever”

  7. Thanks, Damaris. Yesterday left me reeling and looking for the exit sign, today restores balance and just might please Wendell Berry. Well done!