November 30, 2020

Easter VI: Pic & Cantata of the Week

Sun Kissed Shore 2016

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One of Bach’s cantatas for Easter VI is the delightful “Wahrlich, wahrlich, ich sage much” (BWV 84), based on the Gospel for the day in the composer’s time: John 16:23-30.

Two pieces from this work describe a wonderful conversational relationship between the believer and God in the Word and prayer. God promises, and we affirm our trust in his goodness and faithfulness.

The opening bass aria provides a wonderful melodic setting for Jesus’ promise: “Truly, truly, I say to you, whatever you ask the Father in my name will be given to you” (16:23).

In the fifth movement, the tenor aria responds to Jesus’ promise with a bright, positive affirmation of trust: “God’s help is certain!”

God’s help is certain;
if for the moment his help is postponed,
it is not therefore cancelled.
For God’s word makes this clear:
God’s help is certain!

Text by Anonymous


  1. First I think….. Love Anonymous as I usually take it as being true. Like footsteps on a beach. Mostly I would rather remain that way. Chap have a great day today will you please. Hoping and now praying for such. Keep it real as you do from your own POV. Love w

  2. Susan Dumbrell says

    I may be second, shock, horror!

    I was very late, your time with /yesterday’s/today’s post.

    Please look back to my yesterday’s late posts.
    I showed a new side of myself. Be afraid, be very afraid
    Also there is an entry about my forgiveness.received.
    You know who I am sending this to. Thank you.

    Tom aka Volkmar, for you

    Just a short post to you and all interested in my latest hobby horse.
    Tom, I know the good contribution you have been making over the years. I fully endorse the support you give.

    Today in Church we were handed a flyer endorsing the Bishop’s plea for donations to the Anglican Aid Abroad, particularly directed to East Sudan, Tom you and I spoken about this.
    I hope others were listening also.
    Their plight in East Africa is unimaginable.
    That cup of coffee you are pouring is not theirs. The toast you cooked is not theirs.The Weeties you slurp is not theirs.

    IMonkers find your best way of contributing to the poor, homeless and starving of East Africa..
    It is not their fault.
    Our riches are ours to share, write a check or put a donation on your credit card. No, don’t have an extra slice of toast, contribute while I prick your conscience.

    I will be watching. Susan

  3. Robert F says

    Sometimes I’m very uncertain of God’s love. Then the sun rises, and I endure despite feeling that I can’t. Thank you Lord for sustaining me.

    • Susan Dumbrell says


      The Son has Risen. So has the sun.
      Blessed be God’s Holy Name.
      My God’s love sustain you through the trials and temptations of today and this week.
      No matter how s….. we feel God is watching and caring for our safety and protection.
      It is promised. We are told it is so,. Why would we doubt?
      Christ walks our path, remember? “there is no other way”.
      The Lord be with you,


      • Robert F says

        Thank you, Susan.

      • Susan Dumbrell says


        ‘New every morning is the Love our waking and uprising prove
        ‘Through sleep and darkness safely brought,
        Restored to life and power and thought.’
        John Keble 1822

        Robert, I was told by a Christian Counselor and wise man that he would pursue my soul as a hound of hell.
        The Hound of Hell is by legend the keeper who guards the gates of hell.,
        I think my friend made a turn around for me. May he be ever praised
        My spiritual guide brought me to a better understanding of my Creator , Redeemer and Sanctifier.
        Each day is a blank slate and then we write CHRIST at the top of the slate.
        We arise. Prayer follows, however reluctantly. Christ waits and listens to our waking breaths.
        ‘Be still and know that I am God’, He says. Psalm 46
        The day can only progress with joy from there with Him as our Guide.
        May Christ’s Blessings be yours


    • Rick Ro. says

      –> “Sometimes I’m very uncertain of God’s love.”

      Most of us are sensual, experiential beings. We need to feel and experience love in order to be certain of it. When there’s no immediate evidence of it – the weather sucks, people are bad to us, finances stink, friends fade away, job disappears, cancer comes, health wanes – it’s dang easy to be uncertain of His love. One most almost KNOW it exists despite the lack of evidence.

      Phillip Yancey’s “Disappointment with God” helped me to understand this a little better as I wandered my spiritual desert for 5-7 years. I’m still uncertain at times, but I have a little better handle on the notion “just because I don’t feel it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.”

  4. Robert F says

    so many flowers
    have blossomed on the rosebush
    and yet more to come

  5. Robert F says

    Thank you, CM, for the wonderful music and photo.

  6. That must be Lake Michigan. Off to Sunday School this morning with the Lutheran geezers studying an uncontroversial Rob Bell.